A.D. 1042 x 1066. King Edward to St Edmunds; confirmation of privileges and grant of land at Mildenhall, Suffolk, and eight and a half hundreds at Thingoe, Suffolk. Latin and English versions


Bury St Edmunds


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Printed and Translated:

Thorpe, pp. 417-19, English version, ex MS 9; Hervey 1907, pp. 607-8, English version


Davis 1909, pp. 418-20; Lobel 1935, p. 7; Harmer, Writs, p. 141 n. 2, spurious; Keynes 1980, p. 113 n. 92, spurious; Dumville 1993, pp. 37 n. 140, 38, spurious; Pelteret 1995, p. 167 n. 13, on a formula; Sharpe 2003, pp. 245-6, forged; attempt to turn writ into diploma

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    • + In omnipotentis dei nomine. Ego Eadwardus rex indico omnibus hominibus de consilio quod consiliatus sum cum omnibus consiliariis meis pro remedio animae meae et pro incolumitate tocius gentis meae; hoc est, quod annuo aeternam libertatem sancto regi Ea