A.D. 1065 x 1066. Writ of King Edward announcing the appointment of Baldwin as abbot of Bury. English


Bury St Edmunds


1. Cambridge, University Library, Ff.2.33, f. 22v (s. xiii 2)
2. Cambridge, University Library, Ff.4.35, f. 23v (s. xv med.; incomplete)
3. London, British Library, Add. 14847, ff. 30v-31r (s. xiii/xiv)


K, 881, ex MS 1; Councils and Synods, no. 84 (pp. 561-2)

Printed and Translated:

Harmer, Writs, no. 23 (pp. 163-4), ex MS 1


Harmer, Writs, pp. 140, 443, authentic; Councils and Synods, p. 561; Keynes 1988, p. 216 n. 183, on formulation; Keynes 1997, p. 240 n; Sharpe 2003, p. 273, part of sequence of writs

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