A.D. 701. Ine, king of the (West) Saxons, to Aldhelm, abbot, for the monastery of Malmesbury; grant of 45 hides (cassati), consisting of 5 hides at Garsdon, 20 and 10 hides by Corsaburn (Gauze Brook, cf. Corston) and 10 hides at Rodbourne in Malmesbury, all in Wilts. Latin




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    • In nomine Domini Iesu Christi saluatoris nostri. Ego Ina, regnante Domino rex Saxonum, cogitans uite eterne premium, uerens penas inferni perpetuas, iccirco, pro remedio anime mee et relaxatione criminum meorum, aliquam terre particulam donare decreueram uenerabili Aldhelmo abbati ad augmentum monasterii sui quod uocatur Maeldumesburg, id est .xlv. cassatos in locis ab accolis infra nominatis, id est .v. manentes in loco qui dicitur Ihersdune, et ubi riuulus qui uocatur Corsaburna oritur .xx., et in alio loco iuxta eundem riuulum .x., et iuxta laticem qui uocatur Reodburna .x. Et hoc actum est anno ab incarnatione Christi .dcci., indictione .xiiii. + Signum manus Ini regis + Signum manus Oshelmi. + Ego Haeddi episcopus huic donationi consensi et subscripsi. + Ego Winberhtus hanc donationem dictans subscripsi.
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    • In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ our Saviour. I, Ine, under the rule of the Lord king of the Saxons, pondering the reward of eternal life [and] fearing the eternal punishments of Hell, on that account, for the salvation of my soul and in mitigation of my offences, had decided to give a parcel of land to the venerable Abbot Aldhelm for the augmentation of his monastery that is called Malmesbury, that is, 45 hides in the places named below by their inhabitants, that is, 5 hides in the place that is called Garsden and where the stream that is called Gauze Brook rises 20 [hides], and in another place near the same stream 10, and near the spring that is called Reodburna 10. And this was executed in the year from the incarnation of Christ 701, in indiction 14. + Mark of the hand of Ine, king + Mark of the hand of Oshelm. + I, Hædde, bishop [of Winchester], agreed to and subscribed this charter of donation. + I, Wynberht, drafting this charter of donation, subscribed.
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    • In nomine Domini Jhesu Christi Salvatoris nostri ! Ego Ina , domino regnante , rex Saxonum , cogitans vitæ æternæ præmium , verens penas inferni perpetuas , pro remedio animæ meæ et relaxatione criminum meorum aliquam terræ particulam donare decrevi venerabili Aldhelmo abbati ad augmentum monasterii sui quod vocatur Meldumesburg . Id est, xlta vque . casatos in locis ab accolis infra nominatis. Id est, quinque manentes in loco qui dicitur Iserdun; et ubi rivulus qui vocatur Corsaburna oritur . xxti . ; et in alio loco juxta eundem rivulum . x . ; et juxta laticem qui vocatur Redburna . x . Et hoc actum est anno ab incarnatione Christi septingentesimo primo , indictione xma. ivta. Signum manus Yni regis . Signum manus Oshelmi . Ego Haddi episcopus huic donationi consensi et subscripsi . Ego Wynberchtus hanc donacionem dictans subscripsi .