A.D. 705 or 706 (June). Ine, king of the Saxons, to Beorhtwald, abbot of Glastonbury; grant of 20 hides (cassati) on the river Sheppey (formerly Doulting), Somerset. Latin with English bounds




1. Longleat, Marquess of Bath, 39, f. 155r (s. xiv med.)
2. Longleat, Marquess of Bath, 39, f. 161r (s. xiv med.; dated 702)
3. Oxford, Bodleian Library, Wood empt. 1 (S.C. 8589), f. 171r (s. xiv)
4. Oxford, Bodleian Library, Wood empt. 1 (S.C. 8589), f. 178v (s. xiv; dated 702)
5. Lost Glastonbury Liber Terrarum, no. 9? (see Abrams 1996, p. 31)


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HS, p. 307, spurious; Davidson 1884, pp. 9, 20-3, spurious; on bounds; B, p. 165 n. 11, on date; Stevenson 1914, p. 703, dubious or spurious; Robinson 1921, p. 31, not genuine in present form; PN Worcs., pp. 106-7, on bounds; Grundy, Somerset, pp. 79-86, bounds describe Pilton, Croscombe and the greater part of Shepton Mallett; Watkin, Glastonbury Cart., ii, p. clv (no. 818), bounds describe Pilton; Turner 1951; Finberg, ECW, no. 370, authentic basis, apparently adapted from S 248; Edwards 1988, pp. 33-4, revised version of S 248; Abrams 1991, pp. 121-2, 127-9, 132-3, adaptation of S 248, perhaps fabricated in later 10th century; discusses bounds; Costen 1991, p. 41; Costen 1991, p. 54, Pilton bounds later than date of grant, but show estate before it was split up; Foot 1991, p. 172, on abbot Beorwald; Costen 1992, p. 40, on estate; Abrams 1996, pp. 28, 35, 38, 96-7, 113-14, 184, 200-3, on MS sources; on estate history; bounds may be pre-Conquest

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    • In nomine domini nostri Jhesu Christi salvatoris ! Ea quæ secundum decreta canonum tractata fuerint, licet sermo tantum ad testimonium sufficeret, tamen pro incerta futuri [temporis fortuna], cirographorum cedulis sunt roboranda . Quapropter Ego Ini , regnante domino rex Saxonum , viginti cassatos pro remedio animæ meæ Beorhwaldo abbati , ad sanctum monasterium in Glastingaburghe , videor contulisse ; et hæc pars modica telluris ex utraque parte fluminis cujus vocabulum est Doulting , hiis marginibus videtur designata. Limites---Of driganhurste and lang pillis ˇanen on ˇe olde Gore an soan Roanleighe on ˇe olde hege rewe so up end lang humbers bi twixe douningleighe . ˇanen on crichhulle and soa bi linen bitwixe abbingleie and soa on Doultingstrem up end langes at Winterwelle of ˇan Welle on lincombesleighe on ˇe rizte on the stanleie Wal . ˇanen on croppanhulle and soa endlang dich on trindleaie mideward . ˇanen on rizt on midden merkesburi . ˇanen endlangweies on R?mer' ˇanen est rizt end lang pathes on ˇan olden fosse and lang fosse south on pulle a doune bi pulle on lutletone south op on pennard and soa bi Wyrt taman West to Weie ende langweies north est on pil. Si quis autem hanc cartam amplificare voluerit amplificet Deus partem ejus in libro vitæ . si quis frangere temptaverit , sciat se coram domino et angelis ejus rationem redditurum . Scripta est hæc cingrapha anno ab incarnatione domini . dcc . secundo , indictione quarta mense Junio . + Ego Ini signavi salutifero signo . + Ego Beorthwald archiepiscopus signavi . + Ego Hedda episcopus subscripsi sub testimonio multorum.