A.D. 737. Æthelheard, king, to the church of SS Peter and Paul, Winchester; grant of 4 hides (mansae) at Withiel Florey, Somerset, and 3 at Cearn (probably Charmouth, Dorset), in augmentation of Queen Frithugyth's gift of land at Taunton. Latin with English bounds


Winchester, Old Minster


1. London, British Library, Add. 15350, ff. 60v-61r (s. xii med.)
2. London, British Library, Add. 15350, f. 28r (s. xii med.; bounds only)


K, 1002; B, 158; Pierquin, Recueil, pt 3, no. 15; Turner 1953, p. 121, ex MS 2


Stevenson 1904, p. 201, doubtful; Robinson 1921, p. 36, witnesses may come from genuine charter; Forsberg 1950, p. 172, on a boundary point, suggests Cearn is Charmouth, Dorset; Turner 1953, pp. 124-5, on bounds, suggests that Cearn was on the tidal marshes of the Parret or one of its tributaries, possibly Cerney (lost), near Taunton; Finberg, ECW, no. 383, authentic basis, cf. chapter 7. especially p. 233, on background of forgery; Hart 1970a, pp. 27 (no. 51), 30 (no. 102), authentic basis; Wormald 1985, p. 25, unreliable later copy, possibly genuine elements; Edwards 1988, pp. 138-40, extremely dubious, but witness-list may be from genuine charter; Wormald 1988a, p. 39 n. 106; Foot 1991, p. 170, on Abbot Coengils; Wormald, English Law, p. 307 n. 199, forged

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    • Carta Fri∂ewi∂ reginæ de Tantun . Domino nostro Jhesu Christo cum coæterno patre et spiritu sancto . in æternum regnante . Anno ejusdem redemptoris nostri . dominicæ incarnationis . dcc.xxxvii ego Æˇelheard rex rogatus a Fridogyda . regina ut rus in Tantun . quod Wentanæ æcclesiæ . Petro Pauloque dicatæ . ob iminentis periculi prosperitatem satisfaciendo dederat . augmentarem . Dedi . iiii . mansas ad pecora alenda in Wi∂iglea . et . iii. in Cearn ad salinaria construenda . Quantitas harum . vii . manentium furti crimine a possidentibus uno eodemque tempore justo dampnatis judicio ablata est . Et me largiente præfatæ reginæ quæ eam Christo redemptori nostro dederat concessa . Si quis igitur futuro tempore vetustas territorii cartulas . Quæ1 justa de peculii vexatione celando vel furtim diripiendo absconsæ fuerant . in propatulo deinceps manifestaverint ; Et ipsi furti crimine obnoxii habeantur . Et hac renovata vigente territorii cartula 'veteres' pro nichilo habeantur . Maneat igitur predictarum terrarum portio libera preter expeditionem pontis arcisve restaurationem . Hæc sunt confinia supradictarum terrarum . Ærest on Uˇing ford . of ∂æs cumbes heafode on ∂one smalan weg ˇurh ˇone more to wi∂ig slede ˇæt to brocenan beorge . swa to wudu forda . ˇæt to Lulles beorge . swa for∂ 7lang hærpa∂æs to Mægenstanes dæne . swa to wi∂ig leagate . ˇæt to næddran beorge . ˇæt ˇurh ∂one mor bæriht gemære on wi∂ig mor . ∂æt æft on Ucing ford. Ærest of sæ upp on Hængestes ricg . ˇonan nor∂ on gyrd weg . swa nor∂ 7lang rihges on middeweardna sealtera cumb . ˇæt bæ cumbæ ingon holan broc . ˇonne 7lang streames in on hlosmoc . adune on stream on seofan æceras . ˇær of streame æft on butan seofan æceras . æft su∂ on hlosmoc . ∂æt a dune on stream of ∂a suran apældran?2 . ∂æt su∂ on ˇa nor∂ rewe . ∂anan eft ofer Cærn on gata for∂ . ∂et su∂ bufan litlan graf swa su∂ on earnes hlinc . of earnes hlince æft utt on sæ . Signum manus Danielis præsulis . Signum manus For∂hæres præsulis . Signum manus Æˇelheardi regis . Signum manus Frydogydæ reginæ . Signum manus Cynegysli abbatis . Signum manus Æscburgæ abbatissæ . 1 This and the previous two sentences are written in the following order: Si quis..., Et me..., Quæ justa..., but marked for transposition with the letters b, a, c, over the first word of each respectively.