A.D. 758. Cynewulf, king, to Malmesbury Abbey; grant of 30 hides (manentes) at Moredon and Rodbourne, Wilts. Latin




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    • In Christi nomine. Ego Cynewlf rex, cum consensu principum meorum supra nominatim designatorum, aliquam terre portionem, quasi .xxx. manentium habentem, familie Christi in Maldubiensi monasterio constitute, pro remedio anime mee, perpetualiter possidendam donaui. <Hoc> est ubi se duo latices iuguntur Mearcdaeno et Reodburna, et in circuitu eorum, quemadmodum ipsi incole bene nosse dinoscuntur terminos et limites locorum illorum, necnon et uillam cui subiacent, pascua, prata, arida et irrigua, simul et siluestria loca. Et hec acta sunt anno ab incarnatione Christi .dcclviii., indictione .xi. + Signum manus Ky<n>ewlfi regis. + Hoc signum ego Cyneheardus episcopus, iussus a rege supranominato, inscripsi et subscripsi. + Signum manus <Herewaldi> episcopi. + Signum manus Eoppan. + Signum manus Ælhfrithes. + Signum manus Herecan abbatis. + Signum manus Beornes abbatis. + Signum manus Yntan.
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    • In the name of Christ. I, King Cynewulf, with the agreement of my principes designated by name below [reading infra for MS supra], have given a portion of land, being of 30 hides, to the community of Christ established in the monastery of Malmesbury, to be possessed in perpetuity for the salvation of my soul. This is where two streams join themselves in the Mearcden and Reodburn and in their neighbourhood, as their inhabitants acknowledge that they know the boundaries and limits of those places, and also the vill to which they are subject, the pastures, dry and water-meadows, and also the wooded places. And these things were executed in the year from the incarnation of Christ 758, in indiction 11. + Mark of the hand of Cynewulf, king. + This mark I, Cyneheard, bishop [of Winchester], at the order of the king named above, inscribed and subscribed. + Mark of the hand of Herewald, bishop [of Sherborne]. + Mark of the hand of Eoppa. + Mark of the hand of Ealhfrith. + Mark of the hand of Hereca, abbot. + Mark of the hand of Beorn, abbot. + Mark of the hand of Ynta.
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    • De possessione Meardene et Reodburne . ubi duo latices junguntur . quam Kynewlf rex Meldunensi cenobio largitus est . In Christi nomine . Ego Kinewlf rex cum consensu principum meorum supra nominatim designatorum aliquam terræ portionem quasi . xxx . manentium habentem familiæ Christi in Maldubiensi monasterio constitutæ pro remedio animæ meæ perpetualiter possidendam donavi . Hec est ubi se duo latices junguntur Meardaeno et Reodburna et in circuitu eorum quemadmodum ipsi incolæ bene nosce dinoscuntur terminos et limites locorum illorum necnon et villam cui subjacent . paschua . prata . arida . irrigua . simul et silvestria loca . Et hæc acta sunt anno ab incarnatione Christi . dcc . l . viii . indictione . xi . Signum manus Kynewlfi regis . Hoc signum ego Kyneheardus episcopus jussus a rege supranominato inscripsi et subscripsi . Signum manus Herewardi episcopi . Signum manus Eoppan . Signum manus Herecan abbatis . Signum manus Yntan . Signum manus Alfrithes . Signum manus Beornes abbatis .