A.D. 943. King Edmund to Wulfgar, minister; grant of 10 hides (mansae) at South Newton, Wilts., with meadow at Weolces clife, and 3 hides at Frustfield (lost), Wilts. Latin with English bounds




1. London, British Library, Harley 436, ff. 20v-24v (s. xiii)


Hoare, Reg. Wilton, pp. 10-12; K, 395 and vol. iii. 418-19; B, 782; Pierquin, Recueil, pt 2, no. 77


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    • ˇis his niwantunes boc 7 fyrstes feldes. ˇe eadmund cing gebocade Wulfgare his ˇegne on ece yrfe. ˇis syndon ˇa land gemæro to niwantune. Aerest on suˇeweardan of oteres hole up andlang wiliges oˇˇa lace. ˇonne andlang ˇære lace oˇ pynding mersc. ˇonne be ˇæs hlinces niˇer ecge oˇ ˇæt hit cymˇ to ˇæm yrˇlande. ˇonne eft on wilig on pynding ford ufewerde. ˇonne of pyndingforda up andlang ˇære westemestan lace. Oˇ eft innan wilig on ˇa ealdan dic. ˇonne andlang ˇære dic oˇ ∂æs furlanges up ende. ˇonne norˇ on gerihte to ˇære ealdan dic. ˇonne andlang ˇære dic oˇ ˇæs clifes norˇ hyldan. ˇonne east andlang be ˇam yrˇlande oˇ hit cymˇ to ˇam wic herpaˇe. ∂onne andlang ˇæs wic herpaˇes to ˇam stænenan stapole. ˇonne suˇ andlang ˇæs weges o∂ ˇone stænan stapol. Of ˇam stapole on dune on ˇorn dune cumb to ˇære mæde. Forˇ be ˇære to ˇære ealdan dic. Andlang ˇære ealdan dic ut on afene. ˇonne andlang afene o∂ ˇæs poles heafod. ˇonne of ˇæm pole up on ættan dene. Norˇ hyldan swa swa seo ealde furh ryct up to ˇæm stænenan stapole. And swa west to ˇære ealdan hlinc ræwe. And swa beˇære yrˇ mearce niˇer to hig forde. ˇonne of hig forda eft ofer wilig on oteres hol. ˇis is seo mæd ˇe hyrˇ to niwantune æt Weolces clife. ˇonne gæˇ ˇæt gemære suˇ up of wilig on ˇa lace to ˇæs clifes west ende. ˇonne a up be ˇam yrˇlande ˇæt eft on wilig æt ˇare dic. ˇis sindon ˇa land gemæro to fyrste felda westewearden ˇeg byrgeˇ to ˇæm ˇrim hidum. ˇæt his ærest æt hlidgeat leage. ˇonne of hlidgeat leage andlanges hagan on hæ/ cumb on sceard hweogl on hemede weg. Of hemede wege on hean hylle on ˇa rugan ˇyrnan. Of ˇære ˇyrnan on ˇa brembel ˇyrnan on ˇære dice norˇ ende. ˇonne andlang dic oˇ ˇone suˇ ende. Of ˇam ende on ˇone weg. Of ˇam wege on ˇa ealdan dic. Of ˇære dic on wulfstanes heges byhte. Of ˇam byhte on ˇæs cumbes heafode on cealc crundel. Of cealc crundle on ceab wisce. Of ceab wisce on ˇæt reade land. Fram ˇam readen lande on eadeages treow. Of ˇam treowe on dyrbroc. Of dyrbroce eft sona on hlidgeat leage. And seo læs is to foran eallum mannum gemæne on ˇam hæˇ felda.