A.D. 958. King Eadred to Wulfric, his faithful minister: grant of 20 hides (mansae) at Æscesbyrig (i.e. Woolstone, Berks.). Latin with English bounds


Winchester, Old Minster


1. London, British Library, Add. 15350, f. 103r-v (s. xii med.)


K, 1178; B, 902; PN Berks., iii. 682, bounds only


Reynolds 2002, pp. 176, 191, on burial feature in bounds; Grundy, Berks., I, pp. 166-9, on bounds; Gelling 1968, on topography and bounds; Hart 1970a, pp. 15, 36 (no. 179), authentic diploma of Eadwig with Eadred's name substituted; PN Berks., i. 7, 15, ii. 383, iii. 675, 682-4, bounds describe eastern half of modern parish of Woolstone; Forsberg 1979, p. 147, on detail of bounds; Gelling, ECTV, no. 85, authentic basis; Keynes 1980, p. 66 n. 125, on formulation; Hooke et al. 1987, on bounds; Keynes 1994, p. 192 n. 109, charter of Eadwig crudely altered

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    • ˘is is ˇara . XX . hida boc æt Æscesbyrig ˇæ Eadred cing gebocode Wulfrice his ˇegne on ece yrfe . In nomine Dei et domini nostri Jhesu Christi veri redemptoris mundi . Anno dominice incarnationis . DCCCC LVIII . Indictione . I . Ego Eadredus omnicreantis disponente clementia Angligenarum rex divino ductus amore ab eodem Deo et domino nostro populis et tribubus preordinatus in regem . Anno imperii mei tertio non inmemor fui quomodo et quam mirabiliter omnia supernus rector firmæ rationis serie gubernat atque custodit . Idcirco cuidam michi fidelissimo ministro vocitato nomine . Wulfrico . XX . mansas perpetualiter concedo . illic ubi Anglica appellatione dicitur . æt Æscesbyrig . ut habeat ac possideat quandiu vivat et post se cuicunque voluerit . æternaliter derelinquat . Sit autem predictum rus liberum ab omni mundiali obstaculo cum omnibus quæ ad ipsum locum pertinere dinoscuntur tam in magnis quam in modicis rebus . Campis . Pascuis . Pratis . Silvis . Sine expeditione et pontis arcisvæ instructione . Si quis autem infringere temptaverit ; quod absit . sciat se reum omni hora vitæ suæ et tenebrosum Tartarum 1 non evadere ; Nisi prius hic digna satisfactione emendare maluerit . Istis terminis ambitur predicta tellus . ˘is synd ˇa lang ge mæro to æscesbyrig . Ærest on ˇa ealdan dic 7lang hlincæs on ˇa foxhola . ˇanon on hringpyt . of ˇam pytæ on weardæs beorh . ˇonon on ˇonæ smalan cumb 7lang cumbæs on ocenne wyllas . Andlang streamæs on ˇa mylne . ˇonne wænt hit ˇær up on ˇone æˇænan byrigels . ˇonon and lang ˇæs grænan weges on stan mære ˇonon to ˇam bræmbel ˇyfelan . ˝anon on ∂a mæd nor∂e weardæ on ˇone ˇorn ˇonnæ and lang wæges on ˇonæ ællen stub . ˇonon utt on baccan mor . ˇæt imbutæ ˇonæ mor on bulan mædæ nor∂æ weardæ on ˇa dic . ˇonnæ utt on ˇonæ mære . ˇonon upp on ˇa and heafda on ˇonæ ˇorn . of ˇæm ˇornæ ˇonnæ on ˇonæ pyt . ˇonon on æceles beorh ufæ wæardnæ of æceles beorgæ a bæ ecgæ on ˇonnæ beorg . of ˇam beorgæ in on ˇæt norˇ geatt . ˇonon on ˇæt su∂ geat . ˇær utt 7lang dic on scortan dic ˇonon on hean dunæ ufæ wæardræ on ˇonæ beorh of ˇam beorgæ on ˇonæ oˇærne ˇonnæ on tæt tucæn stan of ˇam stanæ on ˇa ealdan dic ˇær hit ær onfænc . Ego Eadred Rex Anglorum indeclinabiliter concessi . Ego Ælfsinus Presul sigillum agyæ crucis impressi . Ego Byhrtelm Episcopus . Ego Osulf episcopus . Ego Alfwold episcopus . Ego Byrhtelm episcopus . Ego Eadmund Dux . Ego Eˇelsigæ Dux . Ego Ælfric Dux . Ego Ælfheah minister . Ego Ælfgar minister Ego Ælfsigæ minister Ego Wulfgar minister . Ego Ælfwig minister . Ego Eadric minister . Ego Wulfric minister .