A.D. 968. King Edgar to Wilton Abbey; confirmation of land given to the church by Wulfthryth, consisting of 10 hides at South Newton, 10 at Sherrington, 20 at (? Kingston) Deverill, 3 at Baverstock and 3 at Frustfield (lost), Wilts.; and 10 at Watchingwell in Calbourne, Isle of Wight. Latin with English bounds




1. London, British Library, Harley 436, ff. 24v-28v (s. xiii)


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    • Su∂ Niwetune. ˘is his ˇare landa boc ˇe Eadgar cyng gebocode Gode and Sancta Marian into Wiltune, swa he hy ær forlet to Wulf∂ri∂e, him to ecere alysednesse. Omnium jura regnorum celestium atque terrestrium, claustra quoque infernalium, dumtaxat divinis Dei nutibus subiecta sunt. Quapropter cunctis sanum sapientibus satagendum est toto mentis conamine, ut prævideant qualiter tormenta valeant evadere infernalia et celestis vitæ gaudia concedente Christo Jesu concendere. Hoc Eadgar rex Anglorum cum Norˇhymbra regimine, ac progenie Paganorum Brettonumque prosapia sublimiter roboratus, sagaciter intelligens secum tractat, concedens largiflue lucrum cosmi, Christicolis ut choris angelicis feliciter collocetur. Huius rei gratia Rex præfatus rura quæ olim Wulf∂ry∂e temporaliter concesserat, Domino nostri Jesu Christo ejusque genitrici Mariæ, ad usus sanctimonialium in Wiltune degentium, eterna largitus est dapsilitate, uti ecclesiæ Mariæ genetricis Domini nostri Jesu Christi consecratæ cum omnibus utensilibus, pratis videlicet, pascuis, silvis, perpetuo deserviant. Prædictæ telluris nomina hæc sunt: Niwantun, Scearntun, Defereal, Babbanstoc, Frystesfeld, Hwætinc. Sint autem hæc rura omni terrenæ servitutis iugo libera, tribus exceptis, rata videlicet expeditione, pontis arcisve restauratione. Si quis igitur hanc nostram donationem in aliud quam constituimus transferre voluerit, privatus consortio sanctæ Dei ecclesiæ, in æternis barathi incendiis lugubris iugiter cum Iuda Christi proditore eiusque complicibus puniatur, si non satisfactione emendaverit congrua quod contra nostrum deliquit decretum. His autem metis præfata rura hinc inde girantur. ˝is sint ˇare .X. hida landgemære to Niwantune. Ærest, of ∂are lace, up andlang Wilig on Stanford; ˇanon up andlang ˇæs hwitan weges; of ˇan weige on ˇa dic, andlang dic east on ˇone ealdan herpa∂e; of ˇone ealdan herpaˇe ut on Afene, andlang Afene on ˇas poles heafod; ˇanon on Ættandenes nor∂ hyldan swa seo ealda furh scæt up to ˇam stænenan stapole, and swa west to ˇære ealdan hlincræwe, and swa be ˇære yr∂mearce nyˇer to Higforda; of ˇan forda est ofer Wilig on otores hol; of ˇam hole up andlang Wilig; of Wilig on ˇa fulan lace; of ˇare lace ∂wires ofer ˇa dic west; be ˇære dicheafde on Winding ford ufeweardne; ˇanon up andlang ˇære westemyste lace; swa eft on Wilig. ˘is synt ˇara X hida landgemæra to Scearntune. Ærest, on Odenford; ˇanon on heandunsweoran easteweardan, and swa up andlang wille weges; ˇanon on Grimesdic andlang dic on Leofheres garan westweardan; of ˇam garan on Bradanleage westeweardan; ˇonon andlang hlinces to ˇam ealdan elebeme, and swa for∂ to Wurdeslea middeweardne; and ˇonne on Mædenbeorge, and swa ut on Wilig. ˘is synt ˇare .XX. hida landgemæra to Defereal. Ærest, of Defereal on ˇa ealdan dic, and swa andlang dic to Langan beorge; ˇonon on ˇone herpa∂, andlang paˇes on Pudelan ham; ˇonon on Hean leage; ˇonon on Peocesham; of ˇam hamme on landes(?) wege; of ˇam wege on ˇa ealdan dic; of ˇære dic on ˇone herpa∂; andlang paˇes on Efer beorhe; of ∂am beorge ˇanon eft on Defereal. ˘is sint ˇare .X. hida landgemæra to Hwæt incg le ˇe hyra∂ into Niwantune. Ærest, of ˇære sæ, andlang sti∂es fleotes heafod; of ˇam heafde on ˇa geclyppedan treowa; of ˇam treowan on Heortlege; ˇanon on ˇa wylle; ˇanon on ˇa ræwe on ∂ane haliganstan; ˇanon on ˇære ealdan heorc heges ræwe on Motbeorh; ˇanon on Hreces cumbes heafde on ˇane limpyt; ˇanon on Hreceleage middeweardre; ˇonon on Æscstede; of Æscstede ˇonon eft on ˇa sæ. ˘ys synt ˇare .III. hida landgemære to Fyrstes felda. Ærest, of ˇam sceardan hweole, andlang hemede weges on ˇone ealdan mapoldre; ˇonne on ˇa ruwan ˇirnan; ˇanon on ˇa o∂re on ˇæs heges byht; of ˇæs heges byhte on Foxhyllæ; ˇonne west in on ∂one crundel; ˇanon on ∂æne ealdan orcheard eal swa ˇe hege byh∂ swa on ∂aere herpæ∂; andlang pa∂es on Dyre broc; of ˇam broce on ˇone wylman on ˇitan wille; ˇanon on Hæsyl oran; ˇonne ut ˇurh ˇane holt on ˇæt scearde hweol. ˘is synt ˇære .III. hida landgemære to Babanstoce. Ærest, of dic on Huna weg, andlang Huna weges on Æscwylle; andlang Aescwylles ut on Nodre; up on Noddre on Luing lace o∂ ∂one ford; ˇanan nor∂ andlang dic on ˇa readan hane; ˇonon on ealdan ˇorn; of ˇam ˇorne on haran wic westwearde; ˇonon on haran apuldre; ˇanon on ˇa ealdan gemotewil(l)e; ˇanon andlang dic; ˇanon eft on Huna weg. ˝onne sealde Eadgar cing twa mylna on Wiltune into ˇære stowe swa swa he hy aer Wulfˇryˇe geseald hæfde. Anno Dominicæ incarnationis DCCCCLXVIII scripta est hæc carta, his testibus consentientibus, quorum inferius nomina notantur: Ego Eadgar, rex Anglorum, corroboravi. Ego Dunstan archiepiscopus concessi. Ego Oscytel archiepiscopus confirmavi. Ego A∂elwold episcopus consolidavi. Ego Aelfstan episcopus consignavi. Ego Osulf episcopus consensi. Ego Bryhthelm episcopus concessi. Ego Oswold episcopus adquievi. Ego Alfwold episcopus confirmavi. Aelf∂ry∂ regina. Aescwig abbas. Osgar abbas. Aelfstan abbas. Aeˇelgar abbas. Cyneweard abbas. ˝urcytel abbas. Ealdred abbas. Sifer∂ abbas. Aeˇelstan dux. Aelfeah dux. Ordgar dux. Oslac dux. Aeˇelwine dux. Eadulf dux. Beorhtno∂ dux. Byrhtfer∂ miles. Eanulf miles. Aelfwine miles. Aeˇelweard miles. Wulfstan miles. Aelfsige miles. Alfwold miles. Leofsige miles. Aelfhelm miles. Leofwine miles.