A.D. 718 (? for 727). Æthelbald, king of Mercia, to Buca, his comes; grant of 3 hides (manentes) at Acton Beauchamp, Herefords., to be a perpetual dwelling for the servants of God. Latin




1. London, British Library, Cotton Vespasian B. XXIV, f. 39v (s. xii/xiii)


K, 75; B, 146; Earle, pp. 23-4; Pierquin, Recueil, pt 1, no. 29


K, vol. i. 90 n., indiction and witnesses do not fit 718; PN Worcs., p. xxv n. 2, substantially genuine; Davies 1972, p. 466, cited; Finberg, ECWM, no. 406, authentic; Cox 1976, p. 29, on place-name; Scharer 1982, pp. 172-4, not genuine in present form, but largely based on authentic charter; Wormald 1985, p. 25, broadly trustworthy; Sims-Williams 1990, pp. 150-1, suspicious, but formulae and name forms acceptable and may be genuine, Kemble is wrong in stating that witnesses will not fit A.D. date.

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    • + In nomine Dei summi . Reverentissimus rex Mercensium Ego Æ∂ilbold pro redemptione animæ meæ largitus sum terram quæ dicitur Aactune trium manentium Bucan comiti meo firmiter possidendum benignissime trado contra ejus pecuniam