s. xiii med., Lewisham

Type of MS.: Cartulary
Davis no.: 560
Related MSS:

Charters contained:

S728, ff. 10r-11r: A.D. 964. King Edgar to St Peter's, Ghent; grant of land in Lewisham, Greenwich, Woolwich, Mottingham and Coombe, Kent. s. xiii med.

S1002, ff. 11r-12v: A.D. 1044. King Edward to Abbot Richard and St Peter's, Ghent; confirmation and grant of privileges and of land at Lewisham, Greenwich, Woolwich, Mottingham, Coombe, Kent; with Æschore (possibly Ashour, Kent), Æffehaga; Wiggenden, Sharrington and Sandhurst, Kent; also part of the land in London called Wermanecher. s. xiii med.

S1205b, f. 16r: A.D. 918 (Ghent). Elstrudis (i.e. Ælfthryth, daughter of King Alfred and wife of Baldwin II of Flanders) and her sons Arnulf and Adelolf to St Peter's Abbey, Ghent; grant of land at Lewisham, Greenwich and Woolwich, Kent. s. xiii med.