s. xiii

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Bibliography: Testament of Mildburg printed and translated in Finberg 1961, pp. 201-6.
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Comment: Vita Sancte Mildburge virginis, see p. 472 [Sawyer] -- provides evidence for lost charters 1798-1802

Charters contained:

S1798, A.D. 675 x 690. Æthelheah, abbot of Icheanog (? Iken, Suffolk), to the nun Mildburg; grant of land at Wimnicas (Much Wenlock, Salop), by the river Monnow, at Marund, Herefords., and in the disctric called Lydas (? Lyde, Herefords.). s. xiii

S1799, A.D. 674 x 704. Merchelm and Milfrid to Mildburg, their sister; grant of land around Clee Hill, by the river Corve, at Kenbecleag, and in Chelmarsh, Salop. s. xiii

S1800, A.D. 709 x 716. Ceolred, king of Mercia, to Mildburg, abbess; grant of land at Peandan Wrye (Wyre Piddle, Worcs.). s. xiii

S1801, A.D. 704 x 709. Cenred, king of Mercia, to the nun Feleburg; grant of land at Lingen (or Lye), Herefords. s. xiii

S1802, A.D. 727 x 736. Sigward, comes of king (Æthelbald of Mercia), to Mildburg, abbess; grant of land at Madeley, Salop. s. xiii