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S136, no. 7: A.D. 793. Offa, king of Mercia, to the church of St Alban; grant of privileges and of 34 hides (mansiones) at Cassio, Herts., 6 at Heanhamstede (cf. Hamstead's House, St Stephens, Herts.) and 10 at Stanmore, Middx.

S138, no. 7: A.D. 795 for 792 (Æt Beranforda [? Barford, Warwicks.], 4 May). Offa, king of Mercia, to St Albans church; grant of 30 hides (manentes), consisting of 12 at Winslow, Bucks.; 3 at Scelfdune sive Baldiningcotum; 10 at Scuccan hlaw vel Fenntun (cf. Warren Farm in Horwood, Bucks.) with the wood called Horowudu (Horwood, Bucks.); and 5 at Lygetune (? Luton, Beds., or Leyton, Essex).