s. xi 1, Sherborne

Type of MS.: Addition to liturgical MS
Davis no.:
Bibliography: Ker, Cat., 364; O'Donovan, Sherborne, p. xviii
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Comment: The Sherborne Pontifical, associated with St Dunstan
Provenance: Notre-Dame in Paris by end of eleventh century. Antoine Faure 1685. Acq. 1701.

Charters contained:

S1383, f. 170v: A.D. 1001 x 1012. Writ of Bishop Æthelric complaining of losses sustained by the bishopric of Sherborne in respect of lands which contributed to the ship-scot, and appealing to Æthelmær so that they may be restored. The lands named are: 1 hide at Bubbancumbe (probably Bookham (Farm) in Buckland Newton, Dorset), 2 at Alton Pancras, 7 at Up Cerne, 6 at Clifton (Maybank), [6] at Hiwisce, 2 at Trill in Beer Hackett, 1 at Wyllon (? Wool), 5 at Brockhampton in Stinsford, 3 at Dibberfordall, in Dorset; 3 at Peder[...]; and land at Holcombe Rogus, Devon. s. xi 1