A.D. 1042 x 1047. King Edward declares that the land at Steyning, Somerset, is to pass to Fécamp Abbey after the death of Bishop Ælfwine. English




1. London, Public Record Office, C 52, 29, no. 1 (s. xiii)


K, 890


Harmer, Writs, p. 16 n. 1, dubious; Matthew 1962, pp. 20-1; Ortenberg, English Church, p. 233 n. 82

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    • Eadweard cyngc cy∂ on ∂ysan gewrite ∂æt ic habbe geunnen ∂æs landes æt Stæningan into ∂an halgan mynstre æt Feskamp and ælc ∂æra ˇinga ∂æs ∂ær mid rihte to gebira∂ æfter ælfwines bisceopes dægæ, mid sake and mid socne, swa ful and swa for∂ swa hit him fyrmest and best an handa stod.