A.D. 1061 x 1065 (? 1061). Writ of King Edward declaring that Bishop Giso is to have the bishopric of Wells and everything lawfully belonging thereto as fully and completely as any of his predecessors. English and Latin versions




1. Wells, DC., Liber Albus I, ff. 2-64, f. 14r-v (s. xiii med.; both versions)


Hickes, Inst. Gramm., pp. 144 (plate), 161; K, 838; Mon. Angl. (rev. edn), ii. 287 (no. 5); Pierquin, Recueil, pt 6, no. 46

Printed and Translated:

Harmer, Writs, no. 65 (pp. 278-9); Councils and Synods, no. 79 (pp. 553-4)


Harmer, Writs, pp. 272, 487-8, authentic; Finberg, ECW, no. 535, authentic; Councils and Synods, pp. 552-3; Keynes 1988, p. 203, on background; Crosby 1994, pp. 48-50, on background; Keynes 1997, pp. 228-9, 240, 255, on background

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    • Edward king gret Harold erl/ 7 Aylnod abbot 7 Godwine 7 ealle mine ˇeynes on Sumerseten frendliche. Ich queˇe eou ˇæt ich wille ˇæt Gyse bissop beo ˇisses bissopriches wrthe heer inne mid eou and alch ˇare ˇinge ˇas ˇe ˇar mid richte to gebyra∂ binnan porte 7 butan mid saca 7 mid socna swo uol 7 swo vor∂ swo hit eni bissop him touoren formest hauede on ealle ˇing. And ich bidde eou alle ˇat ge him beon on fultome Cristendom to/ spekene loc whar hit ˇarf sy 7 eower fultumes beˇurfe eal swo ich getrowwen to/ eow habben ˇat ge him on fultume beon willen. And gif what sy mid unlage out of ˇan bissopriche geydon sy hit on londe oˇer an o∂∂er ˇinge ˇat fulstan him vor minan luuen ˇæt hit in ongeyn cume swo swo ge for Gode witen ˇat hit richt sy. God eu ealle gehealde.