A.D. 909. King Edward to Frithestan, bishop of Winchester; confirmation of the beneficial hidation of Chilcomb, Hants., in return for the bishop's confirmation to the king of leases for 100 hides at Downton, Wilts., and 70 hides at Beddington, Surrey; with a note that Nursling and Chilbolton, Hants., shall be reckoned as part of Chilcomb. Latin with English bounds


Winchester, Old Minster


1. London, British Library, Harley Charter 43 C 1 (s. xi 1; BM Facs., iv. 10)
2. London, British Library, Add. 15350, ff. 97r-98r (s. xii med.)
3. London, British Library, Harley 596, ff. 14v-16r (s. xvii)


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BM Facs., iv, p. 7, MS 1 rather later; Stevenson 1904, p. 322 n. 6, very suspicious; Robinson 1918, p. 17, spurious; Grundy, Hants., I, pp. 164-73, bounds cover the hundred of Chilcomb; Grundy, Hants., IV, p. 340; Harmer, Writs, p. 373, authenticity not certain; Finberg, ECW, no. 40 and chapter vii, esp. pp. 230-3, authentic basis, passage relating to later hundred of Chilcomb is an interpolation; John 1965, pp. 410 n. 3, 414-16; Chaplais 1966a, forgery, MS 1 written at Winchester, perhaps s. xi1, in hand similar to that of the annals 973-1001 in Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, 173 (the Parker Chronicle) (= 1973, p. 55); Hart 1970a, p. 35 (no. 171), authentic basis; Biddle et al. 1976, pp. 256-7, on Chilcomb; Parkes 1976, p. 171 n. 1, on script; Wormald 1988a, p. 39 , fabricated by the same hand as S 443 and 540; Dumville 1992, p. 60, forgery, script not especially close to that of the annals, suggests Chaplais's date for MS 1 may be too late; Keynes 1994b, p. 1145, suspicious; Faith 1997, p. 34, cited

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