c. A.D. 909. King Edward and the community at Winchester to Bishop Denewulf; lease, for three lives, of 20 hides at Tichborne, Hants., with an annual food-render and reversion to the church of Winchester. English with bounds


Winchester, Old Minster


1. London, British Library, Add. 15350, ff. 62v-63v (s. xii med.)


K, 1088; B, 622

Printed and Translated:

Thorpe, pp. 158-61; Robertson, Charters, no. 20 (pp. 38-43)


Grundy, Hants., I, pp. 150-66, bounds cover Cheriton and Beauworth; Robertson, Charters, pp. 296-8, there are dating difficulties, witnesses include Denewulf's successor; Finberg, ECW, no. 37, authentic; Hart 1970a, p. 31 (no. 109), authentic; Finberg 1972, p. 462, on food-render; O'Donovan 1973, p. 109; Biddle et al. 1976, p. 466 n. 6; Roberts 1992, on bounds

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    • Ticceburne Termini . In nomine Domini. Eadward cyning 7 ˇa hiwan in Wintanceastre læta∂ to ˘ænewulfe bisceope twentig hida landes be Ticceburnan swa geirfa∂ swa hit nu stent ˇreora manna deg æfter his dege swilcum frand to tolætenne swilce him leofost bo∂ on ˇa gerad ˇe man gemynd æfter his dege to ˇære halgan stowe do in Wintanceastre swa swa he ˇænne finde ˇæt hit mæ∂lic sie 7 aberendlic be ˇæs landes me∂e ælce geare to ˇære edmeltide . ˇæt mon geselle twelf seoxtres beoras 7 twelf geswettes wilisc ealo∂ . 7 twentig ambra hluttor ealo∂ . 7 tu hund greates hlafes 7 ˇridde smales . 7 tu hrie∂eru oˇer sealt oˇer ferse . 7 six we∂eras 7 feower 7 swin 7 feor fliccu 7 twentig cysa . gyf hit on lencten gebyrige ˇæt ˇæ ˇonne ˇære flæscun geweor∂ on fisce gestriene buton ˇæt ˇis forgenge sie . gif hit ˇænne sie se ∂e ˇæt land hæbbe . ˇæt he ˇis his geagenes ˇances tuwa forgymeleasie buton hit hæres unæmetta sie ˇonne bid hic hiwan for Godæs lufan to tidsongum mun gemund don . ˇonne bebeoda∂ hie on Godes ælmihtiges naman 7 on sanctes Paules ˇæt hi fon to ˇan lande 7 min gemund ˇær on ˇam gerihtum ˇæ ˇarto bælimpa∂ arerad be ˇam ilcan ˇe hit her bufan gecweden is . buton ˇæt hi for Godes lufan to tidsangam min gemund don. ˝onne bebeodad hie on Godes ælmihtiges naman 7 on sanctes Petres 7 on sanctes Paules ˇæ hit hiera yrfe is ˇæt hit swa umbesæccen gange into ˇære Cyrican swa hit ˇa on dæg wes ˇa hit man him to læt . 7 his gewrit was awriten on Wintanceastre on ˇara witena gewitnesse ˇe hiera naman hær bæniˇan awriten standad. ˝æt is genemned Eadward cyning. And Plegmund arcebisceop. And Fri∂estan bisceop. And Osulf Dux. And Deormod minister. And Tata presbyter And Beornstan presbyter And Æˇelstan presbyter And Ælfstan presbyter And Ealhstan presbyter And Wulfric presbyter And Æˇelbyrth presbyter And Y∂elbeard presbyter And Wigelm Diaconus And Beornulf minister. And Æˇelstan clericus And Eaduf clericus And Ælfstan clericus. And Æˇelweard clericus And Wulfhelm clericus And Wulfstan clericus. And Wulfric clericus. And Winsige clericus. And Beorhtsige clericus. And Ælfsige clericus. And Eadulf clericus. And Wulfsige clericus. And Winsige clericus. And Wulfsige clericus. And Wilaf clericus. And Wulfstan clericus. And Æ∂ehelm clericus. And Cynestan clericus. And Heremod clericus. And ˘rudgar clericus. And Æ∂ric clericus. And Ælfred clericus. And Uffa clericus.