Rhyming English version of S 456. English




London, Public Record Office, DL 41/6/1 (s. xiii; Fowler 1881 facing p. 90)
Oxford, Bodleian Library, Dodsworth 160 (S.C. 5101), f. 250r (s. xvii)


Mon. Angl., i. 172-3; K, 360; Mon. Angl. (rev. edn), ii. 133 (no. 5); Thorpe, pp. 182-3; Fowler 1881, pp. 90-3; B, 647, ex Mon. Angl; B, 859, ex MS 1; Earle, pp. 438-9; Witty 1921, p. 39


Keynes 1986, p. 90, spurious; Faith 1997, p. 38

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    • Wyt all that es and es gan ˝at ik king Adelstan As gyven als frelich as I may And to ˇe capitell of seint Wilfrai, Of my free devotion ˝air pees at Rippon On ilke side ˇe kyrke a mile, For all ill deedes and ilke agyle, And within ˇair kirke yate At ˇe stan ˇat Grithstole hate. Within ˇe kirke dore and ˇe quare ˝air have pees for les and mare. Ilkan of ˇis stedes sal have pees Of frodmortell and il deedes ˝at ˇair don is, tol [and] tem, With iren and with water deme And ˇat ˇe land of seint Wilfrai Of alkyn geld fre sal be ay. At na nan at langes me to In ˇair Herpsac sal have at do; And for ik will at ya be save I will at ˇai alkyn freedom have; And in al thinges be als free As hert may thynke or eygh may se At te power of a kynge Masts make free any thynge. And my seale have I sett ˇerto For I will at na man it undo.