s. xviii

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S1501, ff. 19r-21r: c. A.D. 960 x 994. Will of Æthelric, including bequest of all his land to his wife, with reversions as follows; land at Bocking, Essex, part to Christ Church and part to the church at Bocking; at Rayne, Essex, to St Paul's, London; at Copford and Glazenwood in Bradwell, Essex, to Ælfstan, bishop (of London); at Northho, part to St Gregory's, Sudbury, and part to St Edmunds at Bedericesworth (Bury). s. xviii

S1530, ff. 22r-24r: A.D. 1042 x 1043. Bequest by Thurstan of land at Wimbish, Essex, to Christ Church. s. xviii

S111, ff. 41r-43r: A.D. 774. Offa, king of the English, to Jænberht, archbishop; grant of 3 sulungs (aratra) at Lydd, Kent. s. xviii

S515, ff. 44r-47r: (A.D. 946.) Kings Edmund, Eadred and Eadwig to Christ Church (Canterbury); restoration of land at Twickenham, Middlesex; Preston, Ealdingtun (? Monkton in Thanet), Swarling, Wingham, Kent; Graveney, Bossington, Ulcombe and Tarring, Sussex. s. xviii