s. xiii, Glastonbury

Type of MS.: Register
Davis no.: 438
Bibliography: Printed by Hearne, Adam of Domerham, i.1-122
Related MSS: Other versions in BL Add. 22934 (s. xiv) and Bodl. Rawl. B 201 (s. xviii)
Comment: Contents of lost Liber terrarum
Provenance: W. Bowyer 1565. T. Nevile?

Charters contained:

S246, f. 8r-v: A.D. 704 (Glastonbury). Ine, king, to the church of SS Mary and Patrick, Glastonbury; grant of freedom from secular burdens. s. xiii

S250, f. 9r-v: A.D. 725. Ine, king (of Wessex), to the church at Glastonbury; grant of 10 hides at Brent, 10 at Sowy (cf. Middlezoy, Westonzoyland), 20 at Pilton, 20 at Doulting and 1 at Bleadney, Somerset, and confirmation of land at Meare, Beckery, Godney, Marchey, Andersey (Nyland), Lantocai (? Leigh in Street), Pennard and Pouelt (cf. Polden Hills), Somerset, with general grant of privileges and reference to dependent churches at Sowy, Middlezoy, Brent, Moorlinch, Shapwick, Street, Butleigh and Pilton. s. xiii

S257, f. 10r: A.D. 745 (Glastonbury, ? 30 April). Cuthred, king of Wessex, to Glastonbury Abbey; confirmation of grants made by previous kings to Glastonbury. s. xiii

S152, ff. 10v-11r: A.D. 797 (Glastonbury). Coenwulf, king of Mercia, to Cynehelm and his successors; confirmation of the freedom of Glastonbury Abbey, previously granted by King Ecgfrith. s. xiii

S499, ff. 11v-12r: A.D. 944. King Edmund to the church of St Mary, Glastonbury, and to Abbot Dunstan; grant and confirmation of privileges. s. xiii

S783, ff. 12v-13r: A.D. 971. King Edgar to Glastonbury Abbey; grant of privileges. s. xiii

S966, f. 14r: A.D. 1032 (Glastonbury). King Cnut to the church of St Mary, Glastonbury; grant and confirmation of privileges. s. xiii