s. xvi, Westminster

Type of MS.: Register
Davis no.: 1020
Bibliography: Tite, Early Records, p. 122
Related MSS:
Comment: Fos 22-71 contain a 15th-century compilation on the history of Westminster Abbey including extracts from Westminster charters. References are not here given to these extracts. On this section see Robinson 1909, p. 31. fos 85-103, extracts from B.M., Cotton Tib. A xiii in hand of Thomas Talbot
Provenance: Cotton: lent to Henry Montagu and Sir William Howard. Extracts by James Ware, Dodsworth, and Dugdale (see Tite)

Charters contained:

S892x, f. 80r-v: A.D. 998. King Æthelred to Leofwine, dux: grant of 7.5 hides (tributarii), comprising 3 hides (mansae) at Southam and 4.5 hides (manentes) at Ladbroke and Radbourne, Warwicks. The land had been forfeited by Wistan for murder. s. xvi

S1098, f. 81r-v: Writ of King Edward declaring that he confirms the gifts made by Earl Leofric and Godgifu (Godiva) to Abbot Leofwine and the brethren at Coventry minster. s. xvi

S911, ff. 131r-132v: A.D. 1005. King Æthelred to Eynsham Abbey; confirmation of the foundation by Æthelmær, the endowment including (a) 30 hides (mansiunculae) at Eynsham [acquired from his father Æthelweard in exchange for 3 hides at Upottery, Devon; 10 at Little Compton, Warwicks.; 10 at Lawling in Latchingdon, Essex; and 13 at Scildforda]; (b) 5 hides at Shipton-on-Cherwell and the vill at Shifford, Oxon [granted by King Edgar to Brihtnoth, dux, and bequeathed by Leofwine to Æthelmær]; (c) Mickleton, Gloucs. [granted by charter by King Edgar to Brihtnoth, and bequeathed by Brihtnoth to Æthelmær]; (d) 5 hides at Burton [given to Æthelmær by Æthelweard]; (e) 1.5 hides at Marlcliff in Bidford-on-Avon and 2 at Bentley in Holt, Worcs. [among lands forfeited by Leoftæt, for which Æthelmær gave 30 pounds to King Edgar]; (f) 10 hides at Yarnton, Oxon. [acquired from Godwine, in exchange for 5 hides at Studley, Warwicks. or Oxon., and 10 at Chesterton, Warwicks. or Oxon.]; (g) 20 hides at Esher, Surrey [granted by Brihthelm, bishop, to Æthelweard, and bequeathed by Æthelweard to his son, Æthelmær]; (h) land at Thames Ditton, Surrey (cf. S 847); and (i) Rameslege (lost, corresponds with Brede, Sussex) [bequeathed to Eynsham by Wulfin (Wulfwyn), Æthelmær's kinswoman]. s. xvi