s. xv

Type of MS.:
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Bibliography: John of Glastonbury, Historia de Rebus Glastoniensibus; printed from other MSS in Hearne, John of Glastonbury; Tite, Early Records, p. 104
Related MSS: Other versions are in Cambridge, Trinity College, R. 5.16 (s.xiv); B.M. Cotton Vesp. D xxii (s.xv); Bodleian, Ashmole 790 (s.xv); Bodleian, Bodley 854 (s.xvi); Bodleian, Bodley 957 (s.xvii). Extracts from this MS in Bodl. Rawl. B.479 (S. C. 11826), f. 81v, by James Ware.
Comment: Forthcoming edn by Carley; should be cited from Trinity MS
Provenance: Cotton: lent to Thomas Brudenell?

Charters contained:

S246, f. 56r-v: A.D. 704 (Glastonbury). Ine, king, to the church of SS Mary and Patrick, Glastonbury; grant of freedom from secular burdens. s. xv

S250, ff. 58v-60v: A.D. 725. Ine, king (of Wessex), to the church at Glastonbury; grant of 10 hides at Brent, 10 at Sowy (cf. Middlezoy, Westonzoyland), 20 at Pilton, 20 at Doulting and 1 at Bleadney, Somerset, and confirmation of land at Meare, Beckery, Godney, Marchey, Andersey (Nyland), Lantocai (? Leigh in Street), Pennard and Pouelt (cf. Polden Hills), Somerset, with general grant of privileges and reference to dependent churches at Sowy, Middlezoy, Brent, Moorlinch, Shapwick, Street, Butleigh and Pilton. s. xv

S499, ff. 71v-72v: A.D. 944. King Edmund to the church of St Mary, Glastonbury, and to Abbot Dunstan; grant and confirmation of privileges. s. xv

S783, ff. 80r-82r: A.D. 971. King Edgar to Glastonbury Abbey; grant of privileges. s. xv

S966, ff. 89v-90r: A.D. 1032 (Glastonbury). King Cnut to the church of St Mary, Glastonbury; grant and confirmation of privileges. s. xv