s. xvi

Type of MS.:
Davis no.:
Bibliography: Tite, Early Records, p. 173
Related MSS: Transcripts and notes by Laurence Nowell (s.xvi) from BL., Cotton Tib. A xiii; 1283
Comment: Collections of Lambarde and Nowell
Provenance: Lambarde, Nowell. Cotton: lent to St Lo Kniveton.

Charters contained:

S223, f. 148v: A.D. 884 x 901. Æthelred, ealdorman, and Æthelflæd, to the church of St Peter, Worcester; grant of rights at Worcester. s. xvi

S1441, f. 169r: A.D. 896 (Gloucester). Record of an agreement between Wærferth, bishop of Worcester, and Æthelwold concerning woodland at Woodchester, Bisley, Avening, Gloucs.; and at Scorranstone (? Sherston, Wilts.) and Thornbyrig (? Thornbury, Gloucs.) and swine-pasture at Longridge, Gloucs. s. xvi

S1446, f. 176v: c. A.D. 903. Settlement of a dispute between Wærferth, bishop, and Eadnoth, concerning land at Sodbury, Gloucs. s. xvi