s. xii 2, Bury St Edmunds

Type of MS.: Register
Davis no.: 118
Related MSS:
Comment: Nigrum Registrum de Vestiario ff. 166v-7v, list of benefactions to Bury St Edmunds, s. xiii
Provenance: Sir E. Bacon 1633. J. Cradock. Bp J. Moore.

Charters contained:

S483x, f. 83r-v: A.D. 942. King Edmund to Theodred, bishop of London; grant of land at Southery, Norfolk. s. xii 2

S507, ff. 83v-85r: A.D. 945. King Edmund to the monastery at Baederices wirde; grant of privileges in adjacent land. s. xii 2

S980, ff. 85r-87r: A.D. 1021 x 1023. King Cnut to Bury St Edmunds Abbey; grant of privileges and of renders of fish from Welle (Upwell and Outwell, Norfolk) and of eels from Lakenheath, Suffolk. s. xii 2

S995, ff. 87r-90r: A.D. 1038 x 1039. King Harthacnut to St Edmunds Abbey; grant of privileges. s. xii 2

S703, ff. 90v-91r: A.D. 962. King Edgar to Æthelflæd, matrona; grant of 7 hides (mansae) at Chelsworth, Suffolk. s. xii 2

S1072, f. 105v: A.D. 1044 x 1065. Writ of King Edward declaring that Abbot Leofstan and the brethren are to have sake and soke over the lands bequeathed to them as fully and completely as this right was enjoyed by the previous owner. s. xii 2

S1213, ff. 119v-120r: A.D. 962. Wulfstan to St Edmund's Abbey, Beodrichesworth; grant of 4 hides (cassati) at Palgrave, Suffolk. s. xii 2