s. xiv

Type of MS.: Cartulary
Davis no.: 238
Bibliography: Kelly, Selsey, p. xli [F]
Related MSS: Chichester, D.R.O., Cap. I/12/1. Another part of same MS now Bodl., Ashmole 1146 (S.C. 8212), 'Liber D'.
Comment: 'Liber E' or 'Reg. W. Reade'. Compiled for Bishop William Reed.

Charters contained:

S232, f. 175v: A.D. 673 for ? 683 (3 Aug.). Cædwalla, king, to Wilfrid, bishop, in order to found a monastery at Selsey; grant of 55 hides (tributarii) at Selsey, Medmerry, Wittering, Itchenor, Birdham, Egesawde, Bessenheie, Brinfast and Sidlesham, with 6 hides (cassati) at Aldingbourne and Lidsey, 6 at Geinstidegate (? Westergate), 8 at (North) Mundham, 8 at [Amberley and] Houghton and 4 at Coldwaltham, all in Sussex. s. xiv