Writ of King Edward declaring that he has confirmed the exchange of land at Luton, Northants., for land at Marholm, Northants., and the agreement made between Ælfwine, abbot of Ramsey, and Leofric, abbot of Peterborough; and has also confirmed the boundaries along King Cnut's Delph, Northants., as Ælfwine, abbot of Ramsey, proved his claim to them against Siward, abbot of Thorney. English and Latin versions




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Harmer, Writs, pp. 252-6, 478-92, spurious, but address may have been taken from an authentic writ of 1055 x 1065; Hart, ECEE, no. 45, corrupt; HRH, p. 236, spurious; Hart, ECNE, no. 25, authentic; Wormald 1988, no. 93

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    • Eadward cing gret wel Wulfwi biscop 7 Tosti eorl 7 Nor∂man scirrefe 7 ealle his witen 7 ealle his holden inne Hamtunescire hadede 7 leawede freondlice. 7 ic cy∂e eow ˇæt Ælfwine/ abbod of Ramesege 7 Leofric abbod of Burh habben me gecyd of ˇæt hwærf 7 of ˇa forewarde ˇe heo habben gespeken 7 gedon heom betweonan. 7 ic wylle ˇæt ge understanden ˇæt Ælfwine abbod of Ramesege on ˇas wise haf∂ gehwærfd æt Leofrice abbod of Burh nigen gerde landes æt Ludintune of Sanctus Petrus socnelande of Burh. Huntinges hide be name 7 Godrices twa gerde ˇe Densce, 7 Brandes gerde, 7 Leofgares gerde 7 Ælfwines gerde ˇe Blace scer 7 sacleas to fulle hwærfe wi∂ æfric man ær dæige 7 æfter dæige. 7 haf∂ gifen him ˇær fore ˇæt land æt Mærham al ∂æt/ Sanctus Bendictus ˇær ahte, scer, 7 sacleas wi∂ æfric man to fulle hwærfe. 7 toæken ˇis ˇe abbod 7 ˇa gebro∂ra of Ramesege sculen gifan ælce gere feower ˇusend æl inne lenten to carite∂ ˇon abbode 7 ˇam gebro∂re in to Burh. To ˇære forwarde ˇæt ˇe abbod 7 ˇa gebro∂ra of Ramesege sculen habben of Sanctus Petrus landare wercstan æt Bernace, 7 walstan æt Burh, alswa mycel swa heom behofe∂ to fulle forewarde scer 7 sacleas wid toll 7 wid ealle ˇing be wætere 7 be lande in to Ramesege æfre mare. 7 heo habben me gecyd ˇæt ˇis forewarde wæs imaked on Leofsies abbodes iwitnesse of Eli, 7 Wulfgeates abbodes of Crulande, 7 on ˇære manne ˇe heom mide wæren. Nu cy∂e ic eow ˇæt Ælfwine abbod haf∂ swa wi∂ me gespeken 7 of his me igefen ˇæt ic habbe ˇis ilce forewarde igeated. 7 ic wille ˇæt hit stande al swa heo hit gespeken habbe∂ Gode to lofe, 7 Sancta Maria, 7 Sancte Benedihte æfre mare wi∂ borene 7 wi∂ unborene. 7 ic hate 7 beode ˇæt nan man ne wur∂e swa deorf ne swa dyrsti ˇæt ˇis ilce hwærf 7 ˇis ilce forwarde breke, haded ne leawed. 7 ic forbeode be fulle wite ˇæt nan man ne wur∂e swa dyrsti, ˇæt Sanctus Benedihtus men ne heore ˇing nahwær ne derie, ac Godes gri∂ 7 min habben heo 7 heore ˇing be wætere 7 be lande. 7 ic hæte 7 beode mid ˇis ilce writ, ˇæt ˇæt ilce mærke 7 mære æfter Cnutes delfe kinges stande alswa Ælfwine abbod of Ramesege hit betalde wi∂ Siwar∂ abbod of ˝ornege. æl beo ˇe Gangestyde be east halfe ˇam dælue, 7 be west halfe be Hyndelake swa anan to Wendelesmere 7 healf Ragereholt in to Ramesege. On Leofsies abbodes iwitnesse of Eli, 7 on Leofrices abbod of Burh, 7 Wulfgeates abbod of Crulande, 7 ˇare manne ˇa heom mide wæren. 7 gif æniman ˇis ilce forewarde mid ænige ˇinge abreke, 7 awansige, si he gesyndred fram heofenerices/ myrh∂e butan he hit ibete ær he heonan gewite. Amen. ˝is writ wæs imaked æt Westmunstre on Sanctus Petrus mæssedæi on Stigandes iwitnesse ercebiscop, 7 Edwines abbod, 7 Haroldes eorles, 7 Esegares stalres, 7 Hugelines bur∂eines.