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Comment: a.k.a. PRO Conf. R. 1 Hen. VIII, pt 6

Charters contained:

S798, no. 4: A.D. 974 (28 Dec.). King Edgar to Ramsey Abbey; confirmation and grant of privileges and of land at Ramsey, Upwood with Raveley, Hemingford, Sawtry, Stukeley, Brington and Old Weston, Hunts.; Hilgay and Walsoken, Norfolk; fish from Wells, Norfolk; land at Brancaster, Norfolk; at Warboys, Wistow with Raveley and Bury, and at Slepam (St Ives), Hunts.; at Chatteris and Elsworth, Cambs.; at Whiston and Isham, Northants.; at Houghton, Wyton, Ripton, Ellington, Bythorn, Hunts.; at Graveley, Cambs.; and at Dillington, Great Staughton and Yelling, Hunts.

S1030, no. 4: c. A.D. 1062 (30 Nov.). King Edward to Ramsey Abbey; confirmation of privileges and of land (a) at Upwood with Raveley, Hemingford (Grey), Hunts.; Walsoken, Norfolk; Sawtrey, Hunts.; Hilgay, Wells, Brancaster, Norfolk; Ripton, Stukeley, Hunts.; Kingston (Wistow) with Raveley and Bury, Warboys, Slepe (St Ives), Hunts.; Chatteris, Elsworth, Cambs.; Houghton, Witton, Ellington, Bythorn, Brington, Hunts.; Whiston, Isham, Northants.; Weston, Hunts.; Graveley, Cambs.; Dillington, Hunts.; Great Staughton, Norfolk; Yelling, Hunts.; (b) and at Elton, Hunts.; Barnwell, Hemington, Northants.; East Elsworth, Girton, Cambs.; Therfield, Herts.; Shillington, Beds.; Westmill, Herts.; Offerton or Orfyridtune (lost) in Holland; Broughton, Hunts.; Bottisham, Cambs. [given by Æthelric, bishop of Dorchester]; (c) at Over, Barton, Knapwell, Cambs. [given by Eadnoth, bishop of Dorchester]; (d) at Oakley (? in St Ives, Hunts.) [given by Eadnoth, son of Godric]; (e) at Cranfield, Kempston, Clapham, Beds. [given by Æthelwine Swearte]; (f) at Wispington, Lincs.; Lawshall, Suffolk; Martin, Lincs.; Wathinworth [given by Leofsige, deacon]; (g) at Marham on the Hill, Lincs. [given by Leofsige's nepos]; (h) at Burwell, Cambs. [given by Ælfsige of Lampathe]; (i) at Quarrington, Lincs. [given by Iohol of Lincoln]; (j)and at Ringstead, Wimbotsham and Downham Market, Norfolk [given by King Harthacnut].

S1110, no. 4: Writ of King Edward declaring that he has confirmed the exchange of land at Luton, Northants., for land at Marholm, Northants., and the agreement made between Ælfwine, abbot of Ramsey, and Leofric, abbot of Peterborough; and has also confirmed the boundaries along King Cnut's Delph, Northants., as Ælfwine, abbot of Ramsey, proved his claim to them against Siward, abbot of Thorney.

S1109, no. 4: Writ of King Edward declaring that he has granted to Ramsey Abbey judicial and financial rights and shipwreck and what is cast up by the sea at Brancaster and Ringstead, the soke within Bichamdic (cf. S 1108), the market at Downham, Norfolk, and judicial and financial rights in every shire in which St Benedict of Ramsey has land.