A.D. 1060 x 1061. Writ of King Edward declaring that he has granted to his clerks at Bromfield, Salop., judicial and financial rights over their lands. English




1. Hereford, Dioc. Reg., Registrum Ricardi de Swinfield, f. 152r (s. xiv)


Capes 1908, p. 2; Capes 1909, p. 425; Moir 1947; Harmer 1959, pp. 101-2


Harmer 1959, pp. 90-8, authentic; Finberg, ECWM, no. 433, authentic; Breeze 1995a, one of addressees perhaps a cardinal-bishop in England on papal business

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    • Edward kynge gret Eldred Erchebissop and Begard Bissop and Harald eorl and alle myne ˇeynes of Herefordshire and of Saloppshire. And ich couˇe ow ˇat ich habbe geuen Seynte Marie moder Cristes munstres and myne clerkes of Bromfelde ˇat in ˇoen munstre wonyeth on Cristes ˇewedome ˇat hoe boe on hore sake worˇe and hore sokene of hore lond an gryˇes bruches and homesokene and forstalles and infonggeneˇeues and ulkes wytes worthe bynne burch and wit outentolles and teames of stronde and of streme. And ich nulle ˇolyen ˇat enyman enyˇyng ouersoe nouˇer Bissop ne nan oˇer man boten lokewo ysself wolle. And ich nulle ge ˇawyen ˇat enyman ˇys abreke by myne froshype. Sound, ow ge holden.