A.D. 955. King Eadwig to the nuns of Wilton; grant of 100 hides (mansiunculae) at Chalke, Wilts. With an English passage added after the witness-list. Latin with English and English bounds




1. London, British Library, Harley 436, f. 81v (s. xiii; with MS 1)
1. London, British Library, Harley 436, ff. 83r-87v (s. xiv; with MS 2)


Mon. Angl., ii. 859-62; Hoare, Reg. Wilton, pp. 46-7; K, 436 and vol. iii. 433-6; Mon. Angl. (rev. edn), ii. 321-3 (no. 5); B, 917; Pierquin, Recueil, pt 2, no. 99


Reynolds 2002, pp. 176, 191, on burial feature in bounds; Hoare, Modern Wilts., ii. 82-3; Grundy, Wilts., II, pp. 25-42, bounds relate to the lands of Broad Chalke, Bower Chalke, Ebbesborne Wake, ? Alvediston, Berwick St John and Tollard Royal, with appended surveys of land in Berwick St John, parcel of land in Broad Chalke, and Semley; Forsberg 1950, p. 126; Darlington 1955, pp. 81, 91; Finberg, ECW, no. 274, authentic; PN Dorset, iii. 116, 123; Keynes 1980, pp. 49-50, treats as authentic, discusses date; Meyer 1981, p. 352, cited; Lapidge 1993, pp. 289-90, on witness-list; Kelly, Shaftesbury, p. 88, authenticity uncertain, bounds may have been compiled later, perhaps in conjunction with compilation of bounds in S 630, covering adjacent property; Foot 2000, II. 169, 222, 223-4

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    • ˝is his ˇare hun∂ teontiga hida land boc . æt Cheolcum . ˇe Eaduuig cing . gebokede ˇy forman geare his riches for hine and for his yldrum . Gode ælmihtigum . and Sancta Marian . and ˇara arwyr∂an gesomnunge ing to ∂am mynstre at Wiltune on eche yrfe . Amen . + In nomine Dei et Domini nostri Jhesu Christi . anno dominice . Incarnationis . D . C . C . C . C . L . V . ego Eadwic . Divino fulciente numine nunc nuperrime rex regimina tentans . Audivi a sapientibus . et prudentibus . hanc mellitam dulcedinem sermocinationis seriem . quod bona voluntas in die examinationis pro bono opere reputabitur . Idcirco venerande sanctimonialium congregationi . in monasterio quod dicitur . Wiltun ; (three vertical dots) terram que dicitur æt Ceolcum . centenis estimatam mansiunculis . In jus perpetuum . ab omni seculari servitio liberam . preter arcem pontum . expeditionem libenter admodum concedo . Et interposito tenore . quin nostrorum nemo successorum . nec cum antiqua carta . nec cum alicujus ingenii sagacitate quamdiu christianitas vigeat . Hoc nostrum decretum audeat violare . Et quisquis benivola mente meam donationem amplificare satagerit . in hoc presenti seculo vitam illius prospera feliciter longiturne vite gaudia teneat . Si quis autem propria temeritate violenter invadere presumpserit . Sciat se procul dubio ante tribunal districti judicis titubantem tremebundumque rationem redditurum . Nisi prius digna satisfactione emendare maluerit . Et hiis limitibus hec telluris particula circumgirari videtur . Ærest on astewearde be eastan stoke ˇare hine lande up of ebbeles burnan and lang anre ealdre dic wi∂ aelfeages land gemaero . ˇanne aet ˇare diche ende hit byh∂ east aenne aeker innan Ælfheages land . ˇanne at ˇas akeres up ende hit feh∂ on ∂a land gewyrpu up o∂ land scare hlinc . fram ∂am hlinche up andlang ∂ara land gewyrpa o∂ wuduburh hylle . ˇanne byh∂ hit ˇær west on ˇare cnihtaland anne aker . ∂onne ∂anan eft andlang ∂ara land gewyrpa . ˇat ∂wyres ofer middel dune o∂ ˇat hit cym∂ to ∂am haˇenum byrgelsum . ∂onne for∂ ofer ∂a ∂ry crundelas o∂ ˇat hit cym∂ to ˇan ˇorne .7 ˇar to wege . and swa for∂ andlang weges o∂ ˇat hit cym∂ to ˇan hokedan garan . ∂onne bebyh∂ hit ∂one garan utan o∂ ˇat hit cym∂ to land schare wege . ˇonne for∂ andlang weges o∂ ˇat hit cym∂ to chetoles beorge . of ∂am beorge ˇat hit stica∂ on cheotoles heafde . ˇanne to michelan byrg . ˇonne to trogan . ˇonan to hlos hrycge . 7 swa to beornhames wege . of ˇan wege to bican setle . ˇonne andlang weges to tilluces leage . and ˇanne west to lafres mere . ˇonan to wulf pyttan . ∂onne to mearc treowe . 7 swa to bitan dene . ∂onne 7lang bitan dene to cortes hamme . ˇonne for∂ o∂ ∂at hit cym∂ ˇar mon ˇane chiorl sloh for ˇan buccan . ˇonne ˇonan to erse grafan . for∂ ˇonne to med akeran . ˇonne 7lang weges up ongene garan . 7 swa 7lang hrycges ˇat hit cym∂ to beaces hlawe . ∂onne eft 7lang weges to scyldes treowe . adune ˇonne 7lang landschare dene . ˇonne at ˇare dene ende to ˇan herepaˇe at heafod stoccan . ˝onne licga∂ binnan ˇissum gemarum syx hida landes hyra∂ to dun heafdan ; ˇa gemæro synt ˇus genamode . Ærest of ˇare stræte æt ˇare ende hit gæˇ up on ane furh o∂ ˇat hit cym∂ to ˇæs hlinches orde to ˇan ellen stybbe ˇannen to winterburge geate . ˇonan to esnadiche geate . ˇonne to ˇan stane ˇe lig∂ on ˇære stræte 7 swa on ˇane cistel . ˇonne to ealcan sea∂e . of ∂am sea∂e up on mapuldor cumb . ˇonne 7lang cumbes to ˇæs cumbes heafde . ˇonne to ippan beorge . ˇonan to ∂orn wylle . 7 swa to ˇan were . ˇonne on ∂one here pa∂ . west . ˇonne 7lang here pa∂es to ˇam heafod stoccum ˇær we ær forleten . ˘as gemæro . 7 ∂as syx hida we læta∂ hut of ∂isse boec . Nu feh∂ hit eft on ∂a land gemæro æt ˇan heafodstoccan ˇwyres ofer ˇone herepa∂ to nor∂ dune ende . ˇonan to brydinga dic . ˇonne east 7lang hrycges o∂ ∂a furh. ˘onne licga∂ her syx hide ∂e hyra∂ to rimuc wude ∂wyres ofer eall ∂æt land ˇe hyr∂ to cheolcun . ˘a gemæro synt ˇus hatene . Ni∂er 7lang ˇære fyrh ˇæt hit cym∂ to hyrel . ˇonne ˇwyres ofer hyrel on ∂a furh ofer clænan dune . ˇonne ˇurh wudu to trogan . bibyg∂ ˇonne ˇone wudu ˇe hyr∂ to rimuc wuda ˇat hit cym∂ up on hricgwege . ˇonne eft on clænan dune . nim∂ ˇonne on o∂re healfe anes hiwisces ˇat hit cym∂ to hyrel to ˇam clife . 7 swa 7lang clifes to as dene . ˇonne gæˇ hit nor∂ ofer hyrel to ˇam pytte seis æt landgemare . ˘is land we læta∂ eac hut of ˇisse boec . ˘onne of ∂an pytte east 7lang hrycges to stoc hæmalande . swa ˇanne for∂ ˇæt hit cym∂ eft innan ebbeles burnan . ˇonne 7lang streames to ˇan ˇær we ær onfengon . ˝is synt ∂a land gemæro on semeleage . Ærest on nodre forde æt genon gemyˇan up be nodre to chealfa leage . ˇonne ∂weres ofer ∂a leage west . and suˇ 7lang beorc oran . ˇonne ofer lind oran . ˇonan to reoches oran . 7 swa on ∂a stigele . ˇanna to radeleage . ˇonan to bilanleage . 7 swa on se med o∂ hit cym∂ eft to nodre forde . Ego Eadwig rex Anglorum prefatam donationem sub sigillo sancte crucis indeclinabiliter consensi atque roboravi . Ego Eadgar frater ejusdem regis cum sigillo sancte crucis confirmavi . Ego Odo Doroborensis ecclesie archiepiscopus ejusdem regis principatum . Et benivolentiam signo sancte crucis perstrinxi . Ego Wulfstan archiepiscopus . predictum donum consensi . Ego Ælfsie Wintoniensis ecclesie episcopus . corroboravi . Ego Cenwald episcopus confirmavi . Ego Osulf episcopus consignavi . Ego Ælfwold episcopus roboravi . Ego Byrhtelm episcopus consensi . Ego Wulfsie episcopus . subarravi . Ego Wulfhelm episcopus . signum crucis inpressi . Ego Oskitel episcopus . conclusi . Ego Kynesie episcopus . consensi . Ego A∂ulf episcopus . consignavi . Ego Daniel episcopus . benedixi . Ego Dunstanus abbas testudinem sancte crucis subscripsi et comfirmavi . Ego Byrhtelm diaconus hoc predictum donum laudavi . Ego Æˇelfer∂ diaconus libenter consensi . Ego Ælfgy∂ magistra prefati monasterii cum gaudio magno recepi . Æˇelstan dux . Aˇelmund dux . Edmund dux . Æˇelstan . rota dux . Byrhtfer∂ dux . Leofwine propinquus regis . minister . Ælfhere . ex parentela regis . minister . Ælfheah frater ejus . minister . Ælfsie minister . Æˇelmær . minister . Ælfric . minister . Ælfgar . minister . Byrhtfer∂ . minister . Osweard . minister . Ælfsie dyring . minister . Lynsie . minister . Aynsie . minister . Ælfred . minister . Ælfheah . minister . Æˇelgeard . minister . Æˇelbriht . minister . Osulf . minister . Oswig . minister . Irdwold . minister . Wulfgar . minister . Ælfric . minister . Ælfwold . minister . ˘onne beode we Godes be bode 7 ˇas cinges 7 ˇæs ercebiscopes 7 ealra ˇare biscopea ˇe heora noman heron awritene syndon 7 ∂is eall ge∂afedan 7 ∂as boc in to ∂are stowe ge bletsodan ˇat ne sy nan man ˇe ∂yses landes æniges dæles brake butan he hit . of gange æt ∂am hiwum ˇe æt ∂am mynstre Gode ∂enia∂ mid rihtum landrihte 7 leodrihte swa hit on lande stonde . 7 se ˇe ∂is don nelle o∂∂e ongean ˇissum gange ˇonne brake he his ofer Godes sit 7 ofer ealra his haligra 7 ealles ˇæs hiredes ˇe on ˇan mynstre sy . Butan he to ˇære bote gechyrre.