s. xviii

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Comment: Maddox Collection vol. 80

Charters contained:

S1390, ff. 109r-110r: A.D. 1020 x 1038. Æthelnoth, archbishop, to Ælfwold and Eadred, his ministri; lease of 50 agri at St Mary's Abbey, Reculver, to be held at the will of Guichardus, deacon of St Mary's. s. xviii

S1120, f. 138r: Writ of King Edward declaring that the estate of Lessness, Kent, which Ætsere owned and bequeathed to Westminster Abbey for the monks' food is now to belong to the abbey. s. xviii

S1145, f. 139r: A.D. 1042 x 1066. Writ of King Edward declaring that he has granted to Westminster Abbey, Pershore, Worcs., and Deerhurst, Gloucs., and invokes a blessing on every man who shall be loyal to the holy monastery. s. xviii

S124, ff. 140r-142r: A.D. 785. Offa, king of Mercia, to St Peter's, Westminster; grant of 10 hides (cassati) at Aldenham, Herts., in return for 100 mancuses of gold in a bracelet. s. xviii

S1447, ff. 143r-146r: c. A.D. 950-68. Record of a dispute involving estates at Send, Surrey, and at Sunbury, Middx, and a note of their purchase by Dunstan, archbishop. s. xviii

S702, ff. 147r-150r: A.D. 962. King Edgar to Ælfheah, his kinsman; grant of 10 hides (cassati) at Sunbury, Middx. s. xviii

S645, ff. 151r-154r: A.D. 957. (a) King Eadwig to Lyfing, his faithful minister; grant of 9 hides (mansae) at Loceresleage (for Lotheresleage, lost, in Hendon) and at Tunworth (lost, in Kingsbury), Middx. s. xviii

S1142, ff. 155r-156r: A.D. 1053 x 1066. Writ of King Edward declaring that the monks of Westminster Abbey are to have the estate of Staines, Middx, with the land in London called Stæningahaga and the soke of 35 hides, with berewicks. s. xviii