s. xvii

Type of MS.: Antiquarian transcript
Davis no.:
Related MSS: SS 1293, 774 from Faustina A. III; SS 684, 388, 971, 1027, 951 from Exeter originals
Comment: Vol. XXXII of the Kennett Collections. Skips boundary clauses after first phrase, which is copied in Insular script.

Charters contained:

S1293x, ff. 5v-6r: A.D. 959 (1 April). Dunstan, bishop of London, proclaims the confirmation and grant by King Edgar to the church of St Peter, Westminster, of extensive privileges and lands, comprising 5 hides (mansae) at Westminster [for which Dunstan gave Edgar 120 mancuses of gold, cf. S 670], 5 hides at Blecenham (lost, in Hendon, Middx) and 6 at Lothereslege (lost, in Hendon) [for which Dunstan gave Edgar 10 mancuses of gold]; 10 hides at Hendon, Middx, and another 10 hides there [purchased from Æthelwold, bishop of Winchester, and Wulfnoth, miles, for 80 pounds of silver, cf. S 1295]; 3 hides (cassati) at Codenhleaw [purchased from Eadnoth, minister, for 12 pounds]; 8 hides (mansae) at Hanwell, Herts. [acquired from Ælfwine, minister, in return for 30 pounds of silver needed for a pilgrimage to Rome]; 10 hides at Sunbury, Middx [purchased from Ælfheah, dux, for 200 mancuses of gold, cf. S 702]; land at Shepperton, Middx [purchased from Ealhflæd, widow, for 60 bizanteis nummis]; 5 hides at Brickendon, Herts. [given to Westminster by Ælfhelm Polga, cf. S 1487]; 3 hides at Sullington, Sussex [given to Westminster by Ælfwine, prefectus in Kent]; the reversion of land at Parham, Sussex [purchased from Wulfnoth for 30 mancuses of gold]; land at Paddington, Cowley Peachey, Middx; and at Ewell, Kent. s. xvii

S774, ff. 6v-7r: A.D. 969 (15 May). King Edgar to St Peter's, Thorney (i.e. Westminster Abbey); confirmation, reciting a bull of Pope John, of liberties and of land at Ham (in East Ham), Wennington, Essex; Morden, Surrey; Fanton (Hall) in North Benfleet, Essex; Aldenham, Herts.; Bleccenham and Lothereslege (both lost, in Hendon), Middx; Holwell, Datchworth and Watton-at-Stone, Herts.; Chollington in Eastbourne, Sussex; Staines, with Teddington, Halliford, Feltham and Ashford, Middx. s. xvii

S684, f. 69r-v: A.D. 960. King Edgar to Eanulf, his faithful minister; grant of 9 hides (cassati) at Tywarnhayle in Perranzabuloe and St Agnes, and 2 (mansae) at Bosowsa in Ladock, Cornwall. s. xvii

S388, f. 70r-v: A.D. 670 for 924 x 939. King Athelstan to St Petroc's minster; grant of 1 hide (cassatus) at Newton St Petroc, Devon. s. xvii

S971, ff. 72v-74r: A.D. 1031. King Cnut to Hunuwine, minister; grant of 1 hide (mansa) at Stoke Canon, Devon. s. xvii

S1027, ff. 74r-75r: A.D. 1059. King Edward to Ealdred, bishop; grant of land at Traboe, Trevallack and Grugwith, all in St Keverne, and at Trewethey in St Martin-in-Meneage, Cornwall. s. xvii

S951, ff. 75r-76r: A.D. 1018. King Cnut to Burhwold, bishop; confirmation of a grant made by King Edmund (Ironside) of 4 hides (cassatae) at Landrake and at Tinnell in Landulph, Cornwall, in exchange for land at Throwleigh, Devon. The land at Landrake to revert on the bishop's death to St German's. s. xvii