s. xiii/xiv

Type of MS.:
Davis no.: 789
Bibliography: Davis ref. wrong
Related MSS:
Comment: Exchequer, K.R., Transcripts of Deeds and Charters

Charters contained:

S798, A.D. 974 (28 Dec.). King Edgar to Ramsey Abbey; confirmation and grant of privileges and of land at Ramsey, Upwood with Raveley, Hemingford, Sawtry, Stukeley, Brington and Old Weston, Hunts.; Hilgay and Walsoken, Norfolk; fish from Wells, Norfolk; land at Brancaster, Norfolk; at Warboys, Wistow with Raveley and Bury, and at Slepam (St Ives), Hunts.; at Chatteris and Elsworth, Cambs.; at Whiston and Isham, Northants.; at Houghton, Wyton, Ripton, Ellington, Bythorn, Hunts.; at Graveley, Cambs.; and at Dillington, Great Staughton and Yelling, Hunts. s. xiii/xiv

S1030, c. A.D. 1062 (30 Nov.). King Edward to Ramsey Abbey; confirmation of privileges and of land (a) at Upwood with Raveley, Hemingford (Grey), Hunts.; Walsoken, Norfolk; Sawtrey, Hunts.; Hilgay, Wells, Brancaster, Norfolk; Ripton, Stukeley, Hunts.; Kingston (Wistow) with Raveley and Bury, Warboys, Slepe (St Ives), Hunts.; Chatteris, Elsworth, Cambs.; Houghton, Witton, Ellington, Bythorn, Brington, Hunts.; Whiston, Isham, Northants.; Weston, Hunts.; Graveley, Cambs.; Dillington, Hunts.; Great Staughton, Norfolk; Yelling, Hunts.; (b) and at Elton, Hunts.; Barnwell, Hemington, Northants.; East Elsworth, Girton, Cambs.; Therfield, Herts.; Shillington, Beds.; Westmill, Herts.; Offerton or Orfyridtune (lost) in Holland; Broughton, Hunts.; Bottisham, Cambs. [given by Æthelric, bishop of Dorchester]; (c) at Over, Barton, Knapwell, Cambs. [given by Eadnoth, bishop of Dorchester]; (d) at Oakley (? in St Ives, Hunts.) [given by Eadnoth, son of Godric]; (e) at Cranfield, Kempston, Clapham, Beds. [given by Æthelwine Swearte]; (f) at Wispington, Lincs.; Lawshall, Suffolk; Martin, Lincs.; Wathinworth [given by Leofsige, deacon]; (g) at Marham on the Hill, Lincs. [given by Leofsige's nepos]; (h) at Burwell, Cambs. [given by Ælfsige of Lampathe]; (i) at Quarrington, Lincs. [given by Iohol of Lincoln]; (j)and at Ringstead, Wimbotsham and Downham Market, Norfolk [given by King Harthacnut]. s. xiii/xiv