s. xvii

Type of MS.: Antiquarian transcript
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S1036x, ff. 66r-67r: A.D. 1062. King Edward to Waltham Abbey; grant of privileges and confirmation of land at Waltham, Northland in Waltham, Paslow in High Ongar, South Weald, Upminster, Walhfare (? Walter Hall) in Boreham, Debden and Alderton in Loughton, Woodford, Essex; Lambeth, Surrey; Nazeing, Essex; Brickendon, Herts.; Millow, Arlesey, Beds.; Wormley, Herts.; Netteswell, Essex; Hitchin, Herts.; Luckington (or Loughton), Essex; and White Waltham, Berks. s. xvii

S1217, f. 69r-v: A.D. 987. Æthelmær, satrap of King Æthelred and son of Æthelweard, founds Cerne Abbey, the endowment including land at Cerne and Æscere, 6 hides (cassati) at Mintern, 10 at Winterborne Abbas, 6 and 12 at Little and Long Bredy and 3 at Renscombe [to pass to the minster after Æthelmær's death], land at Poxwell [granted by Leofric of Poxwell, clericus], and the reversion of 4 hides at Affpuddle [granted by Ælfrith of Bincombe, Æthelmær's propinquus, after the death of Leofwine] and of 5 hides (mansae) at Bloxworth [granted by Ælfwold, after the death of his wife], and tithes from Cerne and Cheselbourne, all in Dorset. s. xvii