s. xvii

Type of MS.: Antiquarian transcript
Davis no.:
Bibliography: Kelly, Abingdon, p. lxvii [W]; Tite, Early Records.
Related MSS: Extracts from: Julius A. I, Tiberius C. IX, D. VI, E. VI, Claudius A. VIII, B. VI, C. IX, D. I, Nero D. VII, D. X, E. VI, Galba E. II, Otho B. XIV, Vitellius A. XIII, E. XV, F. I, Vespasian B. XI, Domitian A. VIII, Faustina B. I, B. II, B. VI
Comment: transcripts from originals and cartularies in Cotton library, inc Claud C. IX, B. VI. 1639? -- see ff. ii and 116

Charters contained:

S1252x, A.D. 699 x 717. Ecgwine, bishop, to Æthelheard; grant for life of Fladbury minster and its endowment of 44 hides (manentes), with reversion to the church of Worcester, in exchange for 20 hides at Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwicks. s. xvii

S89, f. 1r-v: A.D. 736. Æthelbald, king of the Mercians and of the South Angli, to Cyneberht, comes; grant of 10 hides (cassati) at Ismere by the river Stour and land at Brochyl in Morfe forest, Worcs., for the construction of a minster. s. xvii

S786x, ff. 2r-3v: A.D. 972. King Edgar to Pershore Abbey; grant of privileges and restoration of land at Pershore, and of 10 hides (mansi) at Bricklehampton, 10 at Comberton, 5 at Pensham in Pershore St Andrew, 16 at Eckington, 10 at Birlingham, 10 at Defford, 10 at Strensham, 10 at Besford, land at Cromban (? Croombe Perry in Pirton), 10 hides at Severn Stoke, 10 hides at Pirton, 4 at Wadborough in Pershore Holy Cross, 3 at Chevington ibid., 3 at Broughton ibid., 10 at Peopleton, 10 at Snodsbury, 7 at Naunton Beauchamp, 4 at Abberton, 5 at Wihtlafestune (? North Piddle), 5 at Flyford, 5 at Grafton Flyford, 5 at Dormston, 5 at Martin Hussingtree, 3 at Broughton Hackett, 2 at Libbery in Grafton Flyford, 30 at Longdon, 7 at Powick, 3 at Beornothesleahe (Leigh), all in Worcs.; 3 at Acton Beauchamp, Herefords.; 40 at South Stoke (i.e. Hawkesbury), Hillesley, Tresham, Kilcott, Oldbury on the Hill, Didmarton, Badminton and Hawkesbury Upton, 10 at Dyrham, 5 at Longney, 6 at Lydney, 6 at Wyegate, all in Gloucs.; 5 at Beoley, 5 at Yardley, Worcs.; 10 at Sture (Alderminster, Warwicks.); 20 at Broadway, Worcs.; 5 at Coltune; 10 at Childs Wickham, Gloucs.; sites for vats at Middlewich and Netherwich in Droitwich, furnaces at Witton in Droitwich and 1.5 hides at Horton in Hampton Lovett, Worcs., and 3 iugera with meadow at Worcester. s. xvii

S911x, ff. 13r-15r: A.D. 1005. King Æthelred to Eynsham Abbey; confirmation of the foundation by Æthelmær, the endowment including (a) 30 hides (mansiunculae) at Eynsham [acquired from his father Æthelweard in exchange for 3 hides at Upottery, Devon; 10 at Little Compton, Warwicks.; 10 at Lawling in Latchingdon, Essex; and 13 at Scildforda]; (b) 5 hides at Shipton-on-Cherwell and the vill at Shifford, Oxon [granted by King Edgar to Brihtnoth, dux, and bequeathed by Leofwine to Æthelmær]; (c) Mickleton, Gloucs. [granted by charter by King Edgar to Brihtnoth, and bequeathed by Brihtnoth to Æthelmær]; (d) 5 hides at Burton [given to Æthelmær by Æthelweard]; (e) 1.5 hides at Marlcliff in Bidford-on-Avon and 2 at Bentley in Holt, Worcs. [among lands forfeited by Leoftæt, for which Æthelmær gave 30 pounds to King Edgar]; (f) 10 hides at Yarnton, Oxon. [acquired from Godwine, in exchange for 5 hides at Studley, Warwicks. or Oxon., and 10 at Chesterton, Warwicks. or Oxon.]; (g) 20 hides at Esher, Surrey [granted by Brihthelm, bishop, to Æthelweard, and bequeathed by Æthelweard to his son, Æthelmær]; (h) land at Thames Ditton, Surrey (cf. S 847); and (i) Rameslege (lost, corresponds with Brede, Sussex) [bequeathed to Eynsham by Wulfin (Wulfwyn), Æthelmær's kinswoman]. s. xvii

S172, f. 32r-v: A.D. 814 = 813 (Tamworth, Staffs., 26 December). Coenwulf, king of Mercia, to Deneberht, bishop, and his familia at Worcester; remission of renders due from Worcester and its dependent minsters, in exchange for the minster at Twyning, Gloucs., assessed at 3 hides (manentes), and 10 hides west of the Severn. s. xvii

S116, f. 33r-v: A.D. 780 (Brentford, Middx, 22 Sept.). Offa, king of Mercia, to St Peter's Minster, Bredon; grant of 5 hides (manentes) at Teddington, 10 hides (cassati) at Little Washbourne, 10 hides (mansiones) at Cutsdean, all in Gloucs., and 10 hides (manentes) at Bredons Norton, Worcs. s. xvii

S241, f. 53r-v: A.D. 699. Ine, king of the (West) Saxons, to Hean, abbot; restoration of land at Abingdon, Berks., for the construction of a minster, with an account of the early history of Abingdon Abbey, including mention of grants of land by the river Thames, at Bestlesford (near Basildon) and at Bradfield, Berks. s. xvii

S1165x, ff. 56r-57r: A.D. 672 x 674 (Fullingadich, 1 March). Frithuwold, subregulus of Surrey, to Eorcenwold and to St Peter's minster, Chertsey; grant of 200 (or 300) hides (manentes) at Chertsey and 5 at Thorpe, with 10 hides by the port of London. The property comprises land at Chertsey, Thorpe, Egham, Getinges (cf. Eaton Farm, Chobham), Molesey, Woodham in Chertsey and Hunewaldesham (lost) in Weybridge, Surrey. Confirmed by Wulfhere, king of the Mercians, in the royal vill at Thame, Oxon. s. xvii

S190, f. 59r-v: A.D. 836 (Croft, Leics.). Wiglaf, king of Mercia, to the minster at Hanbury, Worcs.; grant of privileges in return for the surrender to the king of 20 hides at Iddeshale (? Idsall, Salop.), land at Hæccaham (? Hanbury, Worcs.), 10 hides at Felda by Weoduman (? in Beanhall in Feckenham, Worcs.), and in return for the grant of 10 hides at Crowle, Worcs., to Mucel (ealdorman), son of Esne, and a gift of 600 shillings in gold to Ealdorman Sigered. s. xvii

S984x, f. 107r: A.D. 1020 x 1022. King Cnut to the Abbey of St Benet of Holme; grant of Horning with Ludham and Neatishead, Norfolk. s. xvii