s. xiv/xv, Wells

Type of MS.: Cartulary
Davis no.: 1006
Related MSS: ff. 1-87v are a direct copy of Liber Fuscus, ff. 1-77.
Comment: c. 1500

Charters contained:

S1114, ff. 21v-22r: Writ of King Edward declaring that Bishop Giso is to discharge the obligations on his land now at the same rate as his predecessor had done. s. xiv/xv

S1042, ff. 241r-242r: A.D. 1065 (Windsor, Berks., 20 or 24 May). King Edward to the bishopric of Wells; general confirmation of lands, comprising (a) 50 hides at Wells (formerly Tidingtun), with appurtenances at Polsham, Wookey, Henton, Yarley, Bleadney, Easton, Westbury, Wookey Hole, Ebbor, Burcott, (Upper and Lower) Milton, Pen Hill, East and West Horrington, Whitchurch, Dinder, Dulcote, Wellesley, Worminster, Chilcote, Binegar, Wanstrow, Litton; (b) 50 hides at Chew, with appurtenances at Littleton, Hæsele (Hazel Farm near Upper Littleton in Dundry), Dundry, (Bishops) Sutton, Sutton (Wick), Sutton (Court); (c) 20 hides at Evercreech, with Prestleigh, Chesterblade and (Stony) Stratton; (d) 38 hides at Kingsbury, with appurtenances at Lambrook, Readewelle, æt tham Beorge, Littleney (lost) in Huish, Huish Episcopi, Combe St Nicholas, Pibsbury, Chard, and other frusa Cerdren (? South Chard), Crimchard, Langham in Chard, Winsham, Congresbury and Banwell; (e) 15 hides at Wellington, with appurtenances at (West) Buckland, Ham, Huntanapoth, Harpford, Pinksmoor in Wellington Without and Chelston; (f) 15 hides at Wiveliscombe, with appurtenances at Nunnington, Upcott, Whitefield, Withycombe, Oakhampton, Langley, Ford, Pitsford, Fitzhead, the other Fifhyda, Dean, Slæp and Hwrentimor; (g) 15 hides at (Bishops) Lydeard, with appurtenances at (East) Combe, Padnoller (in Charlynch), Wuduland, Ash (Priors), Bagborough, Anacota and Hylle (? Lydeard Hill); (h) 4 hides at Wedmore, with appurtenances at Tarnock in Biddisham, Heawycan and Mark; all in Somerset. The diploma was written by Giso, bishop of Wells. s. xiv/xv

S527, ff. 288v-289r: A.D. 947. King Eadred to Edmund, his faithful minister; grant of 3 hides (mansae) at Hankham, Sussex. s. xiv/xv

S709, f. 289r-v: A.D. 963. King Edgar to Ælfric, his faithful minister; grant of 1 hide (mansa), less a half pertica, at Manworthy in Milverton, Somerset. s. xiv/xv

S579, ff. 289v-290r: A.D. 951 x 955 (or 957 x 959). King Eadred (? for Eadwig or Edgar) to Burhelm, his minister; grant of 6 hides (mansae) at Old Swinford, Worcs. s. xiv/xv

S380, f. 290r-v: A.D. 899 x 909. King Edward to Asser, bishop of Sherborne, and his familia; grant of 6 hides (manentes) at Wellington, 5 at West Buckland and 12 at Bishops Lydeard, Somerset, in exchange for the minster at Plympton, Devon. s. xiv/xv

S262, ff. 404v-405r: A.D. 766 for ? 774. Cynewulf, king of Wessex, to St Andrew's minster, Wells; grant of 2 (or 11) hides (manentes) on the river Wellow, Somerset. s. xiv/xv