s. xiv 2

Type of MS.: Cartulary
Davis no.: 236
Bibliography: Kelly, Selsey, pp. xxxviii-xxxix [D]
Related MSS:
Comment: 'Liber A' or 'Vol. XVII'. Written by command of Bishop Reed (1368-85) by William atte Hulle according to inscription, or arguably Walter Roberts, notary public. Fragmentary, perhaps abandoned.

Charters contained:

S1291, f. 23r-v: A.D. 957. Brihthelm, bishop, records the restoration to the bishopric and minster of Selsey by King Eadwig of lands fraudulently seized by Ælfsige. The lands recovered comprise 42 hides at Selsey, Wittering, Itchenor, Birdham, Egesawyda, Brinfast and Sidlesham, 7 hides at Aldingbourne and Lidsey, 8 at [Amberley and] Houghton, 4 at Coldwaltham and 9 at (North) Mundham, all in Sussex. s. xiv 2

S616, f. 23v: A.D. 956. King Eadwig to Brihthelm, bishop, and the brethren of Chichester; grant of 60 hides (mansae). s. xiv 2

S232, ff. 23v-24r: A.D. 673 for ? 683 (3 Aug.). Cædwalla, king, to Wilfrid, bishop, in order to found a monastery at Selsey; grant of 55 hides (tributarii) at Selsey, Medmerry, Wittering, Itchenor, Birdham, Egesawde, Bessenheie, Brinfast and Sidlesham, with 6 hides (cassati) at Aldingbourne and Lidsey, 6 at Geinstidegate (? Westergate), 8 at (North) Mundham, 8 at [Amberley and] Houghton and 4 at Coldwaltham, all in Sussex. s. xiv 2

S403, f. 24r-v: A.D. 930 (3 April, Lyminster, Sussex). King Athelstan to Beornheah, bishop (of Selsey); grant of 4 hides (cassatae) at Medmerry, with woodland at Earnley and meadow outside Chichester, Sussex. s. xiv 2