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    Harold 1066 (1)

    • S 1163. A.D. 1066. Writ of King Harold declaring that Bishop Giso is to have judicial and financial rights as fully and completely as ever he did in King Edward's time. , Wells
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    Harthacnut 1035-1042 (5)

    • S 995. A.D. 1038 x 1039. King Harthacnut to St Edmunds Abbey; grant of privileges. , Bury St Edmunds
    • S 996. A.D. 1040 x 1042. Writ of King Harthacnut declaring that Abbot Athelstan of Ramsey is to have his mansus in Thetford, Norfolk, as fully and freely as he had it in the days of King Cnut. , Ramsey
    • S 997. A.D. 1040 x 1042. Writ of King Harthacnut and his mother Queen Ælfgifu declaring that they have given to the church of Ramsey land at Hemingford Grey, Hunts. , Ramsey
    • S 993. A.D. 1042 (Sutton Courtenay, Berks.). King Harthacnut to Abingdon Abbey; grant of 10 hides (mansae) at Farnborough, Berks. , Abingdon
    • S 994. A.D. 1042. King Harthacnut to Ælfwine, bishop of Winchester; grant of 1 hide (mansa) at Seolescumb (probably Coomb in East Meon, Hants.). , Winchester, Old Minster
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    Hlothhere (of Kent) 673-685 (2)

    • S 7. A.D. 675 (1 April). Hlothhere, king of Kent, to St Peter's Minster (St Augustine's), Canterbury; grant of 3 sulungs (aratra) in Stodmarsh, Kent. , Canterbury, St Augustine's
    • S 8. A.D. 679 (Reculver, May). Hlothhere, king of Kent, to Abbot Beorhtwald and his minster; grant of land at Westanae on the Isle of Thanet, and in Sturry, Kent. , Canterbury, Christ Church (ex Reculver)