A.D. 1020. King Cnut and Ælfgifu (Emma), his wife, to Evesham Abbey; grant of 4 hides (mansae) at Badby and Newnham, Northants. Latin




1. London, British Library, Harley 3763, f. 65r (s. xii)
2. Oxford, Bodleian Library, Top. Northants c. 23 (S.C. 16640), ff. 5r-6v (s. xviii)


K, 1316; Pierquin, Recueil, pt 5, no. 49


V.C.H. Northants., i. 286, forged on model of S 977; Larson 1910, p. 725 n. 28, cited; Hart 1970, p. 35, late forgery; HRH, p. 235, spurious, but subscriptions are consistent; Hart, ECNE, no. 18, spurious; Lawson 1993, pp. 66 n. 29, 155, 240, spurious; Keynes 1994a, pp. 50 n. 40, 52 n. 52, thoroughly disreputable copy of S 977

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