s. xii, Evesham

Type of MS.: Register
Davis no.: 382
Bibliography: Hulton, Documents (1863) prints extracts.
Related MSS:
Provenance: H. Fleetwood, Penwortham.

Charters contained:

S81, f. 62r: A.D. 710. Ceolred to the church of St Mary, Evesham; grant of 35 hides (cassati) at Ragley, Arrow, Exhall, Wiveleshale, Atherstone, Dorsington, Broom in Bidford, Milcote, Temple Grafton, Binton, Bidford and Hillborough in Temple Grafton, all in Warwicks. s. xii

S83, f. 62v: A.D. 716. Æthelbald, king of Mercia, to the church of St Mary, Evesham; grant of 25 hides (mansae) at Acton Beauchamp, Herefords.; Bransford, Hampton Lovett near Droitwich, Upton Warren, Witton in Droitwich, Sheriffs Lench, Worcs.; at Weston-on-Avon, Warwicks.; and at Hidcote and Larkstoke in Admington, Gloucs. s. xii

S112, f. 63r: A.D. 777. Offa, king of Mercia, to the church of St Mary, Evesham, and the monks there; grant of land at Daylesford, Evenlode, Gloucs., and at Chastleton, Cornwell, Salford, Dornford in Wootton and Shipton on Cherwell, Oxon. s. xii

S191, f. 63v: A.D. 840 for c. 844 x 852. Berhtwulf, king of Mercia, to the church of St Mary, Evesham; grant of 10 hides (mansae) at Quinton, Warwicks.; 2 at Pebworth, Worcs.; and 5 at Mappleborough in Studley, Warwicks. s. xii

S1214, f. 64r: A.D. 962. Vua (? Ufa), the Hwede, vicecomes of Warwick, to Evesham Abbey; grant of 6.5 hides at Wixford and Temple Grafton, Warwicks. s. xii

S935, f. 64v: A.D. 1016. King Æthelred to Evesham Abbey; restitution of 1 hide (mansa) at Maugersbury, Gloucs., seized by Wulfric Ripa. s. xii

S957, f. 65r: A.D. 1020. King Cnut and Ælfgifu (Emma), his wife, to Evesham Abbey; grant of 4 hides (mansae) at Badby and Newnham, Northants. s. xii

S1565, f. 65v: Bounds of Badby, Northants. s. xii

S1026, f. 66r: A.D. 1055. King Edward to St Mary's, Evesham; grant of 3 hides (cassati) at Upper Swell, Gloucs., in return for the abbot's gift of 6 marks of gold. The land had been forfeited by Erusius (? Earnsige), son of Oce. s. xii

S1174, f. 66v: A.D. 706. Æthelric, son of King Oshere, with the consent of Cenred. king of the Mercians, to St Mary's at Hom (Evesham); grant of 8 hides (manentes) at Childswickham, Worcs. s. xii

S54, f. 67r-v: A.D. 706. Æthelweard, subregulus, with the consent of Cenred, king of Mercia, to Ecgwine, bishop, for St Mary's Church, Cronuchomme (Evesham); grant of 12 hides (cassati) at Ombersley, Worcs., with later confirmations by Ceolred, Æthelbald and Offa, kings of Mercia. s. xii

S1175, f. 67v: A.D. 706. Walter, sacerdos, to St Mary's minster, Cronochomme (Evesham) and to Ecgwine, bishop; grant of land at Swell, Gloucs. s. xii

S1599, ff. 70v-71r: Bounds of Twyford in Norton-and-Lenchwick, Worcs. s. xii