s. xvii

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Related MSS: fos 19v-23, copy of Oxford, Corpus Christi College, 256, fos 82-87v

Charters contained:

S911, ff. 1r-3r: A.D. 1005. King Æthelred to Eynsham Abbey; confirmation of the foundation by Æthelmær, the endowment including (a) 30 hides (mansiunculae) at Eynsham [acquired from his father Æthelweard in exchange for 3 hides at Upottery, Devon; 10 at Little Compton, Warwicks.; 10 at Lawling in Latchingdon, Essex; and 13 at Scildforda]; (b) 5 hides at Shipton-on-Cherwell and the vill at Shifford, Oxon [granted by King Edgar to Brihtnoth, dux, and bequeathed by Leofwine to Æthelmær]; (c) Mickleton, Gloucs. [granted by charter by King Edgar to Brihtnoth, and bequeathed by Brihtnoth to Æthelmær]; (d) 5 hides at Burton [given to Æthelmær by Æthelweard]; (e) 1.5 hides at Marlcliff in Bidford-on-Avon and 2 at Bentley in Holt, Worcs. [among lands forfeited by Leoftæt, for which Æthelmær gave 30 pounds to King Edgar]; (f) 10 hides at Yarnton, Oxon. [acquired from Godwine, in exchange for 5 hides at Studley, Warwicks. or Oxon., and 10 at Chesterton, Warwicks. or Oxon.]; (g) 20 hides at Esher, Surrey [granted by Brihthelm, bishop, to Æthelweard, and bequeathed by Æthelweard to his son, Æthelmær]; (h) land at Thames Ditton, Surrey (cf. S 847); and (i) Rameslege (lost, corresponds with Brede, Sussex) [bequeathed to Eynsham by Wulfin (Wulfwyn), Æthelmær's kinswoman]. s. xvii

S1478, f. 3r-v: A.D. 1053 x 1055 (? Lincoln). Agreement between Bishop Wulfwig, and Earl Leofric and Godgifu, his wife, concerning the endowment of a monastery at Stowe St Mary, Lincs. s. xvii

S1233, f. 3v: A.D. 1054 x 1057. Godiva (Godgifu), wife of Leofric, to St Mary's, Stow; grant of land at Newark, Fledborough, Notts.; Brampton in Torksey, and Marton in Well Wapentake, Lincs., with papal confirmation. s. xvii

S909x, f. 16r: A.D. 1004 (Headington, Oxon., 7 Dec.). King Æthelred to St Frideswide's Abbey, Oxford; confirmation of 10 hides at Upper Winchendon, Bucks., and 3 at Whitehill in Tackley, 3 at Cowley, 3 at Cutslow, and land at Headington, all Oxon. s. xvii

S507, ff. 58v-59r: A.D. 945. King Edmund to the monastery at Baederices wirde; grant of privileges in adjacent land. s. xvii

S980, f. 59r-v: A.D. 1021 x 1023. King Cnut to Bury St Edmunds Abbey; grant of privileges and of renders of fish from Welle (Upwell and Outwell, Norfolk) and of eels from Lakenheath, Suffolk. s. xvii

S783, ff. 118v-119v: A.D. 971. King Edgar to Glastonbury Abbey; grant of privileges. s. xvii

S792, ff. 136v-137v: A.D. 973. King Edgar to Thorney Abbey; grant of privileges and confirmation of land at Whittlesey, Cambs.; Water Newton, Woodston, Yaxley and Farcet, Hunts.; Barrow-upon-Humber, Lincs.; Teafolscet; and 2 hides (mansae) at Huntingdon. MS 3 adds Wittering, Oxney, Thorpe and Titchmarsh, Northants; Gedney, Lutton, Angarhala (lost) and Tydd, Lincs.; and Broughton, Hunts. s. xvii

S847x, ff. 137v-138r: A.D. 983. King Æthelred to Æthelmær, his minister; grant of 9 hides (cassati) at Thames Ditton, Surrey. s. xvii