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S835, no. 85: A.D. 979. King Æthelred to Æthelwold, bishop, and the church of SS Peter and Paul (Old Minster), Winchester; grant of 5 hides (cassati) at Long Sutton, to be attached to the church's estate at Crondall, Hants. The land, previously subject to Crondall, had been bequeathed to King Edgar by Æthelbriht, oeconomus. The original landbook was lost.

S867, no. 85: A.D. 987, King Æthelred to Leofwine, his venator; grant of 3 hides (mansae) at Westwood, Wilts., and 3 perticae in the common land at Farleigh Hungerford, Somerset.

S1016, no. 85: A.D. 1046. King Edward to Old Minster, Winchester; grant of land at Bransbury, Hants., and at Forde and Hertone saci.