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S66, no. 3: A.D. 685. Ecgfrith, king of Northumbria, to Cuthbert; grant of land at Crayke, Yorks. N.R., and at Lugubalia (Carlisle).

S2, m. 6: A.D. 605 (Canterbury). Æthelberht, king of Kent, to St Peter; grant of land to the east of Canterbury for the foundation of a minster.

S4, m. 6: A.D. 605 (9 Jan.). Æthelberht, king of the English, to the church of SS Peter and Paul (St Augustine's), Canterbury; grant of land at Sturry alias Chislet, Kent.

S6, m. 6: A.D. 618. Eadbald, king, to the minster of SS Peter and Paul (St Augustine's), Canterbury; grant of 30 sulungs (aratra) at Northbourne, Kent.

S501, m. 6: A.D. 944. King Edmund to Sigeric, his minister; grant of 2 sulungs (aratra) at Sibertswold, Kent.

S300, m. 6: A.D. 850 (Wilton, Wilts.). Æthelwulf, king of Wessex, to Ealhhere, his princeps; grant of 40 hides (cassati) at Lenham, Kent, with rights in Blean wood.

S990, m. 6: A.D. 1027 x 1035. Writ of King Cnut declaring that he has given to St Augustine the body of St Mildred with all her land and with all the 'customs' belonging to her church.

S1048, m. 6: A.D. 1042 x 1046. King Edward to St Augustine's Abbey; confirmation of lands and grant of St Mildrith's lands on Thanet.

S1092, m. 6: A.D. 1053 x 1066. Writ of King Edward declaring that the land at Fordwich, Kent, previously granted by him to St Augustine's, is now to belong to the monastery with all the rights with which he has granted it to that house.

S1091, m. 6: A.D. 1042 x 1050. Writ of King Edward declaring that he has granted to the brethren of St Augustine's (Canterbury) judicial and financial rights over their own men, and over as many thegns as he has granted them to have.