s. xvii

Type of MS.: Antiquarian transcript
Davis no.:
Bibliography: Kelly, Shaftesbury, p. xviii [D]
Related MSS: 1r-8v transcribed from Harley 61
Comment: Transcribed by Dodsworth 1642-3.

Charters contained:

S899x, ff. 1r-2v: A.D. 1001. King Æthelred to Shaftesbury Abbey; grant of the cenobium of Bradford-on-Avon, Wilts., with land at Bradford. s. xvii

S850x, ff. 2v-3v: A.D. 984. King Æthelred to Shaftesbury Abbey; confirmation of 20 hides (mansae) at Tisbury, Wilts., and woodland at Sfgcnyllebar (? Sedgehill bær). s. xvii

S534x, ff. 3v-4r: A.D. 948. King Eadred to Ælfthryth, a religious woman; grant of 8 hides (mansae) in the Isle of Purbeck, Dorset. s. xvii

S478x, ff. 4r-5v: A.D. 941. King Edmund to Eadric, his vassallus; grant of 2 hides (mansae) at Beechingstoke, Wilts. s. xvii

S656x, ff. 5v-6r: A.D. 958. King Eadwig to Wulfgar, his faithful minister; grant of 3 hides (mansae) at Thornton in Marnhull and Iwerne Courtney, Dorset, to be attached to the beneficiary's estate at Hinton St Mary (cf. S 502). s. xvii

S570x, f. 6r-v: A.D. 956 for ? 953 x 955. King Eadred to Brihtric, minister; grant of 5 hides (caracti) at Henstridge, Somerset. s. xvii

S485x, ff. 6v-7v: A.D. 942. King Edmund to Wynflæd, a nun; restoration and confirmation of 7 hides (mansae) at Cheselbourne, Dorset, and grant of a further 8 hides there; with note, in English, of grant to Wynflæd of land in Winterbourne Tomson, Dorset. s. xvii

S955x, ff. 7v-8r: A.D. 1019. King Cnut to Agemund (Agmundr), his minister; grant of 16 hides (cassati) at Cheselbourne, Dorset. s. xvii

S880, ff. 21r-22v: A.D. 994. King Æthelred to Ealdred, bishop of Cornwall; grant of privileges. s. xvii

S906x, ff. 25r-26v: A.D. 1004. King Æthelred to Burton Abbey; confirmation of privileges and lands granted by Wulfric as in his will (S 1536). The estates in question are Dumbleton, Gloucs.; in south Lancs.; in Wirral; at Rolleston, Harlaston, Staffs.; Beorelfestune (? Barlaston, Staffs. or Barlestone, Leics.); Marchington, Staffs.; Conisborough, Yorks. W.R.; Alvaston, Derbys.; Northtune (? Norton juxta Twycross, Leics.); Elford, Oakley, Tamworth, Balterley, Staffs.; Walesho (? Wales, WRY); Thorpe Savin, WRY; Whitwell, Clowne, Barlborough, Duckmanton, Mosborough, Eckington, Beighton, Derbys.; Doncaster, WRY; Morlingtune; Austrey, Warwicks.; Palterton, Derbys.; Wibtoft, Warwicks.; Twongan (? Tonge, Leics., or Tong, Salop); Burton upon Trent, Stretton, Bromley, Pillaton, Gailey, Whiston, Staffs.; Laganford (? Longford, Salop); Stirchley, Staffs.; Niwantun æt thære wic (probably Newton by Middlewich, Cheshire); Wædedun, Niwantun (? Newton Solney, Derbys.); Winshill, Staffs.; Suttun; Ticknall, Derbys.; Shenton, Wigston Parva, Lecis.; Halen (? Hawne in Halesowen, Worcs.); Hremesleage (? Romsley, Salop); Shiplea, Salop; Suthtune (? Sutton Maddock, Salop); Actune (? Acton Trussel in Baswich, Staffs.); Darlaston, Rudyard, Cotwalton, Church Leigh, Staffs.; Okeover, Ilam, Cauldon, Derbys.; Castern, Staffs.; Suthtune (? Sutton on the Hill, Derbys.); Morley, Breadsall, Morton, Pilsley, Ogston, North Wingfield, Snodeswic, Derbys.; Tathwell, Lincs.; Appleby Magna, Leics.; Weston in Arden, Burton Hastings, Warwicks.; Sharnford, Leics.; Harbury, Warwicks.; Aldsworth, Arlington, Gloucs.; Eccleshale (? Eccleshall, Staffs.); Waddune; Sheen, Staffs.; Langandune (? Longdon, Staffs.); Bupton, Stretton, Derbys. s. xvii

S507x, ff. 145v-146r: A.D. 945. King Edmund to the monastery at Baederices wirde; grant of privileges in adjacent land. s. xvii