s. xvii

Type of MS.: Antiquarian transcript
Davis no.:
Bibliography: Miller, New Minster, p. xlii [O]; Tite, Early Records.
Related MSS: Includes extract from Cotton Vespasian A. VIII. Also extracts from Julius A. XI, B. VIII, E. I, Tiberius C. XIII, Claudius B. IX, E. III, E. IV, Nero C. X, Galba A. VIII, Vespasian B. XIX, Cleopatra A. XVI; and from either Vitellius D. XI, E. IV, or CUL Add 3578

Charters contained:

S92x, pp. 13-14: A.D. 749 (Gumley, Leics.). Æthelbald, king of Mercia, in favour of the minsters and churches (of Mercia); grant of privileges. s. xvii

S745x, pp. 14-15: A.D. 966. King Edgar to New Minster, Winchester; refoundation and grant of privileges. s. xvii

S1100, p. 90: A.D. 1045 x 1066, possibly 1055 x 1066. Writs of King Edward announcing that he has appointed Wulfric to the office of abbot of Ely with full privileges. s. xvii

S1229, p. 91: A.D. 1042 x 1052. Statement by the Lady Ælfgifu (Emma), mother of King Edward, to the effect that she had acquired from King Cnut the estate at Newington, Oxon., on behalf of Christ Church, when it was forfeited by Ælfric. The king then granted it to the community. s. xvii

S1221x, p. 108: A.D. 1026. Healthegen (? Haldane) Scearpa to Christ Church, Canterbury; grant of land at Saltwood, Kent. s. xvii