s. xiii med., Peterborough

Type of MS.: Cartulary
Davis no.: 756
Related MSS:
Comment: Liber Cartarum et Privilegiorum Henrici de Pyghtele Junioris
Provenance: H. Cromwell. Mr Coates, attorney. Bp T. White brought back to Peterborough 1694. Rev. T. Neve 1742 restored to the Dean and Chapter.

Charters contained:

S1059, f. 20r: A.D. 1061 x 1066. King Edward to Peterborough Abbey; confirmation of an agreement concerning land at Scotton, Scotter and Manton, Lincs., acquired by the monk Brand and leased by him to his brother Askytel, with reversion after his death to Peterborough Abbey (when an estate at Northorpe, Lincs., is to be substituted for Manton). s. xiii med.

S1060, f. 20r-v: A.D. 1055 x 1060. King Edward to Peterborough Abbey; confirmation of land at Walcot on Trent, near Alkborough, Lincs., given to the abbey by Asytel, the king's optimas. s. xiii med.

S1029, f. 22r: A.D. 1060. King Edward to Peterborough Abbey; confirmation of land at Fiskerton, Lincs., bequeathed to the abbey by Leofgifu, a woman of London, but claimed by Queen Edith. s. xiii med.

S782x, f. 22r-v: A.D. 971. King Edgar to Æthelwold, bishop; grant of land at Barrow-upon-Humber, Lincs., for Peterborough Abbey, in return for 40 pounds of silver and a golden cross. s. xiii med.

S233, ff. 22v-23v: c. A.D. 687 and 691 (Medeshamstede, i.e. Peterborough, Northants.). (a) Cædwalla, king of the (West) Saxons, to Ecgbald, abbot, and his familia; grant of 40 hides (manentes) at Hoo (ad Hebureahg insulam), Kent. (b) Swæfheard, king of Kent, to Ecgbald, abbot; grant of adjoining 20 hides at Hoo and woodland at Fercanhamstede. (c). Confirmation by Æthelred, king of Mercia. s. xiii med.

S68, ff. 39v-42r: A.D. 664. Wulfhere, king of Mercia, to St Peter's Minster, Medeshamstede; confirmation and grant of land at Peterborough (Medeshamstede), Thorpe Hall, Dogsthorpe, Eastfield near Peterborough, Newark, Garton End, Eye, Werrington, Gunthorpe, Peakirk, Glinton, Deeping Gate, Peakirk Marsh, Eye Marsh, the hermitage of Singleshole, Castor, Ailsworth, Sutton near Peterborough, Upton near Ailsworth, Milton Park, Barnack, Southorpe, Walcot Hall in Southorpe, Pilsgate, Ufford, Bainton, Ashton in Bainton, Torpel (lost) in Ufford, Thornhaugh, Sibberton Lodge in Thornhaugh, Wansford, Wittering, Wothrope, Burghley near Stamford, Maxey, Lolham Hall in Maxey, Nunton in Maxey, Helpston, Northborough, Etton, Woodcroft Castle in Etton, Paston, Walton, Marholm, Warmington, Oundle, Ashton Wold, Churchfield, Stoke, Benefield, Glapthorn, Cotterstock, Stanwick, Irthlingborough Kettering, Cottingham, East Carleton, Pytchley, Northampton, Northantss.; Olney, Bucks.; Hoo and Avery Farm, Kent; Howden, Yorks. ER; Breedon on the Hill, Leics.; Hrepingas (? Repton, Derbys.); Cedenac; Swineshead, Lincs.; Heanbirig; Lodeshale; Shifnal, Salop.; Costesford (? Salop.), Stretteforde (? Stretford, Salop.), Wecelleburne, Lusgerde (Lizard Hill, Salop.); Ethelhuniglonde (? in Kent); Barchanig (Bardney, Lincs.); Langeledenham; Washingborough, Lincs.; Binnington, Yorks. E.R.; Conisbrough, Yorks. W.R.; Barnwell, Northants.; Great Easton, Bringhurst, Prestgrave, Leics.; Drayton, Northants.; Glaston, Rutland; Langton, Leics.; Tinwell, Ingthorpe, Rutland; Collingham, Notts.; Fiskerton, Reepham, Scotter, Scotterthorpe, Scotton, Northorpe, Yawthorpe, Riseholme, Messingham, Manton, Cleatham, Hibaldstowe, Ravensthorpe, Holme in Bottesford, Risby near Market Rasen, Walcot in Alkborough, Alkborough, Normanby, Althorpe, Lincs.; Muskham, Notts.; Thurlby, Osgodby in Lavington, Walcot near Folkingham, Breidesthorpe (? Bowthorpe), Lincs.; Ryhall, Belmesthorpe, Rutland; Manthorpe, Carlton Scroop, Quadring in Holland, Lincs.; Fletton, Orton and Alwalton, Hunts. s. xiii med.

S787, ff. 42r-44v: A.D. 972. King Edgar to Peterborough Abbey, with later confirmations, grant of privileges for the abbey and its land at Dogsthorpe, Eye, Paston and Oundle, Northants.; and confirmation of land at Barrow-upon-Humber, Lincs.; Warmington, Ashton, Kettering, Castor, Ailsworth, Walton, Werrington, Eye, and Thorp, Northants.; a mint at Stamford, Lincs.; and half of Whittlesey Mere. s. xiii med.