s. xviii

Type of MS.: Antiquarian transcript
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Charters contained:

S343a, pp. 9-11: A.D. '872'. Alfred, king of the English, to Athelney Abbey; grant of privileges in Stathmoor, Saltmoor, Haymoor and Currymoor, with other moors in North Curry, with grant to Abbot John of privileges and revenues in East Lyng, Somerset. s. xviii

S832a, pp. 13-14: A.D. 894 for ? 994. King Æthelred to Athelney Abbey; grant of tithes from the royal estate at Somerton, Somerset, said on the authority of Archbishop Dunstan to have been previously instituted by King Alfred. s. xviii

S342ax, p. 32: A.D. '835' for 871 x 899. King Alfred to St Peter's church, Athelney, Somerset; grant of land at Reodbeorh, with adjacent fishery at Reodwer.