s. xvi

Type of MS.:
Davis no.:
Bibliography: Tite, Early Records, p. 168
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Provenance: Henry Fitzalan Earl of Arundel. Lord Lumley.

Charters contained:

S527x, ff. 123v-124r: A.D. 947. King Eadred to Edmund, his faithful minister; grant of 3 hides (mansae) at Hankham, Sussex. s. xvi

S709, f. 124r: A.D. 963. King Edgar to Ælfric, his faithful minister; grant of 1 hide (mansa), less a half pertica, at Manworthy in Milverton, Somerset. s. xvi

S579x, f. 124r-v: A.D. 951 x 955 (or 957 x 959). King Eadred (? for Eadwig or Edgar) to Burhelm, his minister; grant of 6 hides (mansae) at Old Swinford, Worcs. s. xvi

S380x, f. 124v: A.D. 899 x 909. King Edward to Asser, bishop of Sherborne, and his familia; grant of 6 hides (manentes) at Wellington, 5 at West Buckland and 12 at Bishops Lydeard, Somerset, in exchange for the minster at Plympton, Devon. s. xvi

S893, f. 195r-v: A.D. 998 (Easter). King Æthelred to St Andrew's church, Rochester; restitution of 6 sulungs at Bromley, Kent, with swine-pastures in the Weald. s. xvi

S671, f. 196r: A.D. 955 for ? 973. King Edgar to St Andrew, Rochester, and Ælfstan, bishop of Rochester; grant of 10 hides (mansae) or sulungs at Bromley, Kent. s. xvi