s. xvi

Type of MS.: Antiquarian transcript
Davis no.:
Bibliography: Miller, New Minster, p. xliii [I]
Related MSS: Abridgement by John Stow of Earl of Macclesfield, Shirburn Castle, Liber Abbatiae
Comment: August 1572

Charters contained:

S1443x, f. 29r-v: c. A.D. 900. Record of the acquisition by King Edward from Bishop Denewulf and the community at Winchester, in exchange for St Andrew's church, of land at Winchester for the foundation of a monastery; also of the acquisition by the king of land by St Gregory's church. s. xvi

S360, ff. 31r-34r: A.D. 900 (Southampton). King Edward to New Minster, Winchester; grant of 100 hides (cassati) at Micheldever, Hants. With bounds of Micheldever, Cranbourne, Curdridge, Durley, Rigeleah (Slackstead), and Candover, Hants., and note, in English, that 7 hides at Worthy belong to Micheldever. s. xvi

S365, ff. 34r-35r: A.D. 901. King Edward (to New Minster, Winchester); grant of 15 hides (mansae) at Abbotts Ann, Hants. s. xvi

S374, ff. 35r-36r: A.D. 904 (Bickleigh, Devon). King Edward to St Peter's Minster, Winchester; grant of 10 hides (mansae) at Micheldever, Hants. s. xvi

S379, ff. 36r-37r: A.D. 921 (Wilton, Wilts., 11 Jan.). King Edward to Wulfgar, minister; grant of 10 hides (cassatae) at Collingbourne Kingston, Wilts. s. xvi

S1515, ff. 42r-43v: A.D. 951 x 955. Will of King Eadred, including bequests of land at Downton, Wilts., Damerham, Hants. (formerly Wilts.) and Calne, Wilts., to Old Minster, Winchester; at Wherwell, Andover and Kingsclere, Hants., to New Minster, Winchester; at Shalbourne, Wilts., Thatcham, Berks., and Bradford (? -on-Avon, Wilts.), to Nunnaminster, Winchester; at Amesbury, Wilts., Wantage, Berks., and Basing, Hants., with land in Sussex, Surrey and Kent to his mother. s. xvi

S1505, ff. 44v-45v: After A.D. 987. Will of Æthelwold, including bequests of 10 hides at Manningford Abbots, Wilts., to his wife for life, with reversion to New Minster, Winchester; and of land at Uptune (? Upton Scudamore, Wilts.) to his son. s. xvi

S1498, ff. 46r-47r: A.D. 977 x 982. Will of Æthelmær, ealdorman, including bequests of 13 hides previously held by Lufa, to New Minster, Winchester; of land at Tidworth, Hants., to his wife, with reversion to New Minster; and of land at Igeneshamme (? Inglesham, Wilts. or Eynsham, Oxon.) and Cottesmore (lost, in Broadwell, Oxon.) to his sons. s. xvi