s. xviii

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S959x, A.D. 1023. King Cnut to Christ Church, Canterbury; grant of the port of Sandwich. s. xviii

S433, p. 53: A.D. 670 (? for 937) or 937. King Athelstan to the minster of St Peter (MS 1; St Mary in MSS 2 and 3), Exeter; grant of 1 hide (mansa) at Topsham, Devon. s. xviii

S1088x, p. 101: A.D. 1052 x 1066. Writ of King Edward declaring that he has granted to Archbishop Stigand and the community at Christ Church judicial and financial rights over their own men and over as many thegns as he has granted them to have. s. xviii

S90, p. 106: A.D. 742 (Clofeshos). Æthelbald, king of Mercia, to the Kentish churches; confirmation of privileges. s. xviii

S1414x, p. 128: A.D. 830 for 832 or after. Werhard, presbiter, to Christ Church, Canterbury; bequest of land comprising 104 hides at Harrow, Middx; 100 at Otford, 32 at Graveney, 44 at Burnan (? Bishopsbourne), 10 at Easole, 36 at Barham, Kent; and 1 iugum at Lambahamm by the river Lympne, 1 iugum at Northuuda, and 1 mansio at Canterbury [all of which had previously belonged to his kinsman, Archbishop Wulfred]; also 32 hides at Hayes, Middx, land at Megeldewrthe, 8 hides at Cuniland and 30 hides at Twickenham, Middx. [from his own patrimony]. s. xviii

S981x, p. 128: (Kingston-on-Thames, Surrey, Pentecost). King Cnut to Christ Church, Canterbury; reversionary grant of land at Folkestone, Kent, after the death of Eadsige, the king's priest. s. xviii